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Members with Ski related personal websites

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Mine is http://www.ski-fitness.net
I know that Slider, snowcarver and some others have ski related websites. Why not post your urls?
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Great Thread!
I work on NELSAP, The New England Lost Ski Areas Project
and Snow Journal: Snow Journal

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AWESOME!!! We LOVE the Nelsap site! I always feel like I can travel back in time with these ski history sites.
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Thanks LisaMarie! It's not really "my" website, but I do lot's of work on it and it's been a blast. Same with SnowJournal. Am looking forward to learning about some more ski related sites!
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I really enjoy the New England Lost Ski Resorts. I have it linked on mine. Snowskiing for Thrillseekers
I also have another ski site at COASP
The rest of the sites I maintain are not ski related. :

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My boys, Lbrother1 and CERAF are just beginning to get their web page going so it's sparse. Eventually, they hope to have racing info for their Jr racers, waxing tips and of course lots of pictures. See their first opening page at www.bigdumbair.com and let them know what you think.

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wow! I had no idea you were their dad! Its so cool that you all post here!
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OK, it's not my personal site, but...
The Ski Shop
The guy who owns the shop was about to pay a lot to get a professional to design the site, then asked me what he should do. We made a deal where I did up his site, and he gave me a load of gear.
The site started out as my favorites bar being put on line, but has grown into a bigger monster. OK, it's not great, but it also gives me places to put my photos for free!!
Private Whistler Holiday Photos

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Thanks Lisamarie!

I introduced the boys to this forum during the summer. Since than, they've become hooked and can't get enough of it. The only downer is their SLOW Internet service which can be very frustrating and limits their ability to quickly browse throughout the forum.

With everyone being so busy, sometimes the EPICSKI forum is the easiest way for us to keep in touch! Sometimes the only time I actually see them is when their working on the slopes. We send each other private messages routinely. Great feature! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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We just launched our team site this year. It's still a work in progress. http://personalpages.tds.net/~martski
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Skiing New England

it's currently going through a transition from a personal ski page towards a more 'professional' look and feel. right now, it's mostly a really extensive and well organized list of links for various resources that would be helpful to skiers in New England. it also has recent personal trip reports and extensive photos.
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I operate New England Skiers. It's really not much but I hope to build it up.
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My Site

Really I use it as a way for my students to remember some hot points from their lesson and to look forward to their next lesson and hopefully just keep in touch. Some good links on the links page including NELSAP
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Originally Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
LOL.....Love the vista, baby.
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Well, you can list your website in your personal info that everyone can see. But since you asked, here's the entry into my ski info...
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My Mt. Mammoth web site. www.mammoth-snowman.com
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wow, nice bump. my web site has actually relocated for the record:
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Very much a work in progress - gets updated once a year (when we come back from our trip!). More a place to put some pics of our trips to share among the other "hounds"


See y'all in Breck next week - wahey!!!

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Ski related stuff I have a site centered around the little ski hill where I have a cabin. Started the site in 1997 and it has grown since;


I also started the Lost Ski Areas of Washington in 1999 after visiting the NELSAP site. It got me to dig more into WA history and one thing let to another...

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Originally Posted by riverc0il
wow, nice bump
A four-year-old thread lives :


...is mine; started as a hobby and still trying to make it useful...
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I don't know if this qualifies...but a friend got me to do this...
Not into the blogging thing, though.

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