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How long do current boots last?

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How long should we expect a boot to last?

I currently have Lange WC 130's that are 4 yrs old. I ski about 25 days a year. No racing, but I'm very hard on them. Moguls, carving hard etc. They have developed a crack on this inside where the shell comes together underneath the buckels right were the start to curve from the foot to the leg.

Other then the crack they seem fine.

How do you know when it's time to buy new boots? My last pair of Langes Tii's lasted much longer!
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This is a difficult question to answer. The reason it is, is because 25 days to you can be totally different to someone else. You may be skiing hard all day, where someone else may only ski for a couple hours and being taking it easy. Your size/weight and power can also play a huge factor in this. But to give you some what of an answer if you are starting to get cracks in your boots it's probably a good idea to start thinking about new ones. One thing you might want to do to stop the crack from spreading is drill a hole at the end of the crack.
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In general stock liners are built to last about 40 days. This is 4-5 years of use for a recreational skier.

Race liners and intuitions last much longer. They are tougher denser foam and are more difficult to break in from the git go.

I've seen people who purchased entry level to mid level boots and skied them more than they thought they would and they packed them out in a couple of weeks.

Again, as mentioned above, it depends on a lot of factors
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+1 to everything above.

The other thing to consider is that plastic has a finite life. It gets fatigued from UV exposure and stress/strain cycles. It's amazing how much more rebound a new boot has compared to the same boot with 50+ solid days of skiing on it.

You can stabilize the crack by either drilling a hole at the end of it (tends to stop progression) or rivet a thin metal tab over and around the affected area (these are available through most race reps).

In summary, if your liners are decent, consider simply replacing your shells.
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the crack in the shell can be down to various reasons, either excess volume over the foot or allowing the overlap to cross the wrong way at some point in the boots life, it can be repaired as above.... based on the use you have given the liner 4 years at 25 days then 100 days is a fair life for a stock liner, if i was looking at replacing the liner i would go with a zip fit so that when the shell dies you can transfer it to a new shell, if it is time for a new boot then get to one of the listed pros and have them assess and fit you up, it may be the boot you have is just not quite the right one and this is leading to the damage to the shell
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