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Fischer RX8s or Cold Heats???

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Hello everyone, I am a new member here and looking for a bit of advice. I did search all of the information here in reviews for these skis but I would like any feedback regarding my specific requirements for a ski.

First off the pertinent information: 41 yo, 5'-10", about 200#s, intermediate to advanced intermediate skier.

I didn't start downhill skiing until post college (I grew up racing xc) and I still feel like I am getting better every year. I ski with some really good skiers so it helps trying to keep up with them. I am currently on Salomon X-screams, first model year and they are 187s (I think). Not much of a cut as they are probably 8 years old!

It is time for me to upgrade and I am torn between the RX8 and the Cold Heat. I can get both for the same price in 2008 models. I ski at Sugarbush about once every weekend. We are there early and take the first couple of runs on the fresh corduroy and just let the skis fly. Once it starts to get crowded we slow up and start venturing out. I would like to be able to ski what limited powder we get much better than I currently flounder, and also possibly start getting back into the woods. I haven't woods skied in about 10 years. I don't (can't) ski moguls so I am not worried about performance there. As I get tired I tend to get sloppy in my skiing.

Can you make suggestions on which ski will be a better choice for all around? This will be my first true shaped ski so there will be a bit of learning curve there so bear that in mind. I want to still be able to rip big GS turns first thing and then be able to do quick snappy slalom turns in the crud. If one ski would be better in powder and the woods, I would be interested in it provided it didn't sacrifice too much performance in other areas.

Thanks in advance and this forum is the best resource I have found so far!

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I love my RX8s, but they are pretty much strictly groomer skis. Very easy to ski and really like to turn. If your goal is to get off into the powder and trees they might not be the ski for you.

Cold Heat would be my choice of the two you ask about, since it is wider and more suited to off piste adventures. I wouldn't rule out the Cool Heat or Watea 84 if you are set on a Fischer.

I'm sure others will recommend lots of other skis as well.

Good luck in your search.

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The Cool Heat is right between the two in width and you can get those cheaper (PM me if you want a link). Some reviews say they are demanding and others forgiving. Your weight might help you there though. The only way to know for sure is ski them yourself. Unfortunately by the time you do that the deals will be gone though.
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Thanks Matt, I can't hit you with a PM yet, not enough posts!

I just took a look at the cools, and you are right, they may be a good fit for me. I had planned to demo some skis last year and never did, too much of a pain, I just want to show up and ski! I have never demoed skis before buying, I always took what was given to me (friends in the industry) and just lived with it. There seem to be a ton of people happy on the fischers and they get some really good reviews. Price and availability are right so I will give them a shot. Now which one?????

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the rx8 has like a 12m radius. not what you want for gs turns. or crud. it is no fun in powder. it is a great ski on frozen groomers though. take a look at the k2 public enemy. it is a pretty good compromise, and dirt cheap too.
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I am biased because I bought the Cool Heat. If this is your first shaped ski you will probably be happy with whatever you get. You might not want to go to wide for your first shaped ski but on the other hand it doesn't really matter you will need to transition either way.
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Thanks Matt. PM received!
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