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'Inside Tracks' on the way out?

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Hope this is an April Fools Joke, but for those of you that are subscribers like me, here's a link you should see.

Peter Keelty's warning

For those of you that don't know, Inside Tracks is like Consumer Reports magazine only dedicated to skiing. They accept no advertising and are a great source of unbiased information.

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Bad news.

Or is it?

I can't believe that some entrepreneur (Dick Needham?) won't pick up the slack, then, produce an even better rag.

The proof of concept is definitely there.
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I work in the magazine business.AOL is desroying their piece of it as quickly as they can. They wrecked Cnn too. A shame. I've got four more years on my subscription to Inside Tracks, which I love. Ski and Skiing are beneath contempt. Wierdly, I still buy them, hoping to find something interesting and always nothing. My favorite; ask Josh; hey Josh, what's a binding? or that point counterpoint thing where they discuss whether or not to eat lunch. I was amazed to see that one here. You must ask yourself profound questions; Am I hungry? how do I know when I'm hungry? Is it a pow day and a gatoraid and a cliff bar will do? What is powder? how can you tell?
Inside Tracks is the only inteligent thing out there in print.The rest is gear porn.And bad gear porn at that; the Brit and Canadian mags are much better at gear porn. End of rant. :
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Wow, I'm really disappointed to hear that IT is in trouble. It's a great little news letter packed full of interesting articles if you're a skier.

I agree that Skiing is not worth reading, targeted to the 18-25 year olds. Very low on any real content. I glance through Ski, it's a little better in my opinion.

I hope this is just a rumour and IT stays afloat.
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I like gear porn. That's just about the only reason for buying those magazines. Eddy Thys and Warren Miller's columns are fun too though.
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I sent an email directly to Peter Keelty re. IT.

This year, due to the increasing popularity of his website,the emails have really been numerous, so I don't know if he will be able to respond due to the high volumne of communications.

If he does, I will post what is appropriate.
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Gear porn, what a great way to put it. Now if somebody clever than me can just work out a good pun on Eddy's Thys.
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Drat! Especially since I think I recently extended my subscription out to the next century or something.

That phone number just goes to some receptionist. Somehow I don't think they're going to put me through to the CEO.

However, Rubob's comments reassure me that I am not the only one who despises Ski/Skiing yet somehow keeps subscribing. My favorite question to Josh would be "how can someone with such a minimal knowledge of skiing write a skiing advice column?"

As for Warren Miller, he deserves some sort of hypocrisy award, writing columns that decry the loss of small ski areas, the former simplicity of the sport, etc., while serving as director of skiing here: http://www.skimag.com/article/mtnpro...?alias_id=8040
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I have enjoyed IT for years now and would like to add to the effort to save IT. IT's no surprise that a huge corp like aol/tw would try to squash a quality piece of work like IT. IT is too small to have any effect on their other products or overall profitability. Power, greed and stupidity.
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