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Your Everyday Ski Width?

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Over the years, skis have expanded like America's waistline.

What were once "fat" skis are now just "all-mountain" (like loyal McDonald's patrons).

If you live at Snowbird or JH, you may cruise regularly on 100+ mm skis. East coasters; perhaps something in the 70+ mm range.

What width now constitutes your "everyday" ski?
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Supersize me. 108mm, P4s bought em for powder then skied them alla time last winter. Now they are my every day ski.
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Mythic Riders. Terrific Tahoe ski.
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PMGear Bro Models -- 99 waist.

Home mountain is Kirkwood. Most of the guys in my regular ski crew are generally on something in the 105 - 110 range.
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I have several pairs of Chubbs I rotated through the last couple years, and ski one pair or the other most of the time, unless the snow is really hard. They range from 87mm for the Ti and Gravity Chubbs, through the originals at 89mm, to the V2s, which are 94mm.
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west coaster (california and utah), so it depends on the ski resort, the conditions, and WHOM i'm riding with. if i'm cruising with la familia, the snow is firm (by western standards), or if there aren't many steeps/off-piste (or if there are a lot of bumps), then 85mm pe's. if i'm charging solo or with 1-2 good friends, if the snow is soft, or if it's steep, then 109mm xxl's.
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I'm not sure I have an 'everyday' ski. Closest is prolly my bump skis at 66mm. I'll ski 'em just about anywhere, anytime. Same can be said though about my 85mm PEs or my 94mm Chubbs.
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65mm-70mm would cover 90% of it

Just don't have the snow to need more
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Definitely clocked most hours on the TroubleMakers last season, so 78mm, helped along by some iM78s.
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This year it will be 77 for 50% of my skiing, 88 and 100 for the other 50%
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Be interesting to average out the width for the skis I use day-by-day over the course of the season (from 65 to 110, I think). Boy, that would be an awesome time-waster. Last season, probably used an 88 more than anything else, this year might be a 90.
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Was 68, moved down to 66, possibly going down to 65. I like to buck the trend.

Current Everyday ski, (actually short-turn ski):
165 cm Fischer WC SC - 118-66-99 (R13)

Deep Snow ski:
190 cm Volant Machete G Lists as 104-68-90, but I measure 108-68-96 I think must be the longer length

Go Fast ski (previous everyday ski):
208 cm Kästle RX National Team SG 87-68-76

May become everyday ski when I find bindings:
88 cm Volkl P50 F1 lists at 102-65-88
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88, because my 80's were absconded by my little sister.
Who knows, maybe I'll be on the extreme's of that with the F17(66) at one end or the BRO (99) at the other end.

Should a chick should have a skinny waist or a fat waist?
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Was 84 this year 76.

Why have we been ignoring the other 2/3 of the ski? We always focus on waist width and never mention the other dimensions which obviously influence the performance as well. They aren't all proportional.
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82....100% of the time for skiing the East and I like em in every type of conditions. I only ski one ski so need something with versatility. May even go a little wider with my next skis whenever these are trashed and go in the scrap heap.
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Gotamas 105mm..underfoot. However...going to lay off them when there's no fresh snow. Will ride 188 Bros OR PEs (179) if I want to hit bumps pretty hard. The width of my "everyday" skis has expanded by 25mm over the last 3 years.
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I ski a 78 under foot in a 170. Top Fuel - one amazing ski, IMHO. Not so great in the bumps, then again there are times when nothing could be better.

The question should also be about side cut and stiffness. Top Fuel has both, a good thing and a bad thing.

Still toying with the purchase of the Hellcat in a 178. A slalom ski - Head, would be a great way to make Jiminy Peak bigger. All of my ski were slalom skis up until a few years ago. Mere dreams, money just isn't there right now.
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63 (SL 11) and 85 (PE) currently mostly EC.

Looking right now for something in the middle of that range that won;t beat me up
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Nordica Jet Fuel 170, 84 in the waist good every day in JH.
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Early and late season = 78.
Daily driver last year = 100
Daily driver this year = 99.
Glare ice = 74.

And that's all east coast. Honestly, probably 35-40 out of my 48 days last year were mostly spent on my Jak Team's (100 underfoot) and I expect most of my days this year will be on my new 183 Bros. (99 underfoot.)
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Dynastar Mythic Riders - 88mm
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89mm... I love my Mojo 90s everyday here on the east coast on anything but zamboni-polished ice and like JPH, I expect to see alot of my 183 BROs this season when the flakes are fresh.
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Alpine 84mm (but go to 101 for pow)

Tele 94mm

AT 84 mm
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71 mm - Supershape Magnums got the bulk of my days this year, probably about 80%. Remainder on GS/SL. I got a few moderate powder days, but skied them on my Magnums, I have a pair of Monster 88s, but they're too short (mounted with demos, I share them with my dad, and he likes short pow skis, go figure).
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The 2 skis I spent the most time on last year were.

179cm Pe 85mm
189cm Seths 99mm
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Deep Snow ski:
190 cm Volant Machete G Lists as 104-68-90, but I measure 108-68-96 I think must be the longer length
The "listed" measurements you site are for Volant Epics, someone made a typo wherever you read that. Yours sound right on the money.
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Here in the west (CO), 85mm to 90mm seems to be most common.

Many brands seem to place their flagship performers in this "all-mountain" category.

It's interesting how many skis in this segement; K2 Xplorer, Atomic Crimson TI, Volkl AC50, Blizzard Magnum 8.7, Soloman Fury, Rossi Zenith, Fisher 84, vary in all three dimensions by only a mm or two.

Seems like 128-86-113 has become a standard footprint.
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Every day? I'll aswer it this way

Day V.1.- nothing new, groomed to soft groomed and some leftovers, Supershape Magnums

Day V.2.- Fresh or leftover dumpage, more than 4", Goats.


Day V.3.- Groomed day with soft snow where it will be pushed and piled by noon, 85-87 something.... Not sure if really needed.
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Northeast where I live, 66 mm. Out west where I travel, 87 or 89 mm.
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