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Atomic Hawx 120 AnyThoughts

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I am looking ino the Hawx 120 flex for this season. My local contact has assured me that I will love them for both coaching and beer league racing. He has been very good to me for a long time and has never let me down. That being said, Im a little leary of new technology vs gimmicks. I still have not bought into this whole "hourglass ski technology"... kidding.

Seriously, I require a wide tow box, plenty of performance as I have whittled my ski inventory down to only Atomic race skis SL12 and GS12 bith last years. That being said I will also be coaching in these a lot. I like the idea of a forefoot flex. Im not crazy about the design, but I ll get past it quick for the combination of warmth and perfromance.

I have the T:11 lime green boots now and I love the performance. I have stretched the toe box to perfection, but all the walking and climbing has worn down the replacable toes and heels. (If anyone has any please IM me and I will happily buy a few sets). I am afraid to compromise their performance for a wider toe box...
any thoughts. The B120 is an option as well....

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some contacts that might help for parts?
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Keep in mind the Hawx are a couple degrees more upright than the T11s or Racetechs for that matter. Otherwise, a great boot and they seem to have nailed a last that comfortably fits many people.
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I skied the 110 last year and really liked how it skied and the performance it had coupled with all day comfort. It is hard to describe the subtle feeling of the sweet spot in this boot. I noticed it more on piste as opposed to off piste though. The boot in no way collapses under foot, it just allows you to move your balance forward behind the balls of the feet and then keep it there most of time throughout a turn.

One thing about the boot is that stretching it is not really advised, and if one does stretch it it should be done very carefully and minimally. You can grind it like any other boot though.

It does have an upright stance like jdistefa said, and this may take a little getting used too. I have always liked an upright boot so it felt really good to me right from the start. It also has a flatter angle of the foot inside the boot than what you are skiing now, and so does the B series. The Hawx last is 101 mm, while the B series last is 104 mm. Quite a difference in forefoot width.
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I like this boot for its all mountain features, and also for their perceived warmth and comfort. Im embarassed that I don't know this, but how does the boot angle translate to ski performance. I ski very hard (when Im not leaning on my ploes yelling for kids to keep their hands up). I suppose as long as I can replace the parts on the T:11 I would have a good arsenal to chose from... Hawx for all mountain/coach and the T:11 for beer league...
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Well the forward lean, in a simplistic explanation, should give you more usable range of motion in your ankles knees and hips. Allowing a taller, hips over the feet stance when you want it (long outside leg), and a greater range of flex when you want it (flex to release and/or pressure control).

The different boot board angle may chain the angle of your ankle from your old boot, and it may not. Taking a couple of degrees off the forward lean coupled with a couple of degrees off the ramp angle may leave the ankle with relatively the same amount of flex.

As far as ski performance as it relates to the changed boot geometry, you may find it easier to get the whole ski edge (including the tip) engaged and find effective posture over your skis easier to achieve. This might bring about efficiency benifits as well as increased effectiveness. I'm guessing you will notice a difference. I found the geometry of the hawx boot very natural and conducive to balance in motion.

The fit between teh b-series and the hawx is different. Not just in the forefoot, but also in how the upper cuff surounds your lower leg. The cuff on the b-series is quite a bit larger than the one on the hawx. I found the hawx a more responsive boot overall, with a cuff fit that was very close to the feel of the CS. I've never skied the CS but I spend time in them every fall at the local shop.
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I found that the Hawk 120 did not fit well. Basedon foot shape I went with the Mtec... M100. My guy has been great to me and has never steered me wrong. I put on the boot and it feels REAL squishy. I figured it was because 1) it is summer... ok late summer, but the boots were real warm. 2) I did not have my T:11's to compare to. At home, its lights out. T:11 is WAY stiffer. Any idea what the flex index is on the T:11 Race? That being said, I was looking for a more COMFORTABLE boot for coaching and beer league. This boot is very comfortable, and looks real sharp. Im worried about how well they will get along with my GS 12 and SL 12 skis though... Im thinking it would be like trying to mate a puppy dog with a warewolf... maybe a good escuse to get some less aggressive all mountain skis.
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Yeah the M100 flex will be considerably softer than the 120 hawx. I skied the M110 year before last. A good boot that needed little for me to fit the toe box, but I still wanted a little better fit in the cuff. I was disapointed when atomic decided to no longer make the 110 flex in the M-series. I find I can always tell the difference between 100 and a 110 or 120 in the same boot line.

Your T 11 is probably in the range of 130-150 would be my guess, but it has been a long time since I tried one on.

Something to keep in mind in testing flex is how well the cuff mates to your shin, which determines how the pressure is distributed over your shins. A smaller contact area will feel stiffer, more pressure in a smaller area. While a cuff that distibutes the pressure over a greater area will tend to feel softer, because the pressure point area is larger. The optimal fit will tend to "feel" softer within a given flex zone and manufacturer.

The trend is towards boots that are skightly softer in flex yet retain more lateral stiffness respectively.

I personally own and ski the sl11 from several years ago, 94 version I think, and find that my hawx and my previous M110 handled them well. I don't race, but if I did I would probably try to rework an RT CS 130-150 to fit. Between grinding and stretching, the CS line can be made t ofit a pretty wide foot. They are built with thick plastic just for this reason, to cutomize the fit. Atomic does make the B-series in a 120 flex starting this year.

You haven't said how much you weigh Chandy.
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Im 5'8 and probably 215 now... probably 205 by the time ski season comes around and I finish pre season training...
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Originally Posted by RicB View Post
Well the forward lean, in a simplistic explanation, should give you more usable range of motion in your ankles knees and hips. Allowing a taller, hips over the feet stance when you want it (long outside leg), and a greater range of flex when you want it (flex to release and/or pressure control).


One other thought related to forward lean would be---If you have a bigger leg(Calf) in a more upright boot your center of mass will be located more rearward(in relation to ski/skiboot center) which might account for your liking the "Hawks" series.

For each increase of one inch in calf circumference (when measured at the cuff top)your leg/knee position will be pushed forward by 1/3 of an inch. isn't that going to effect your COM?

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Chandy, given your height and weight I can see why the M100 might fit you better than the hawx. Remember that you can make some change to the effect of calf circumference that Mike points out by removing the spoiler in the back of the cuff. It's good to hear you had someone to help you get a good initial fit.
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