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The 2009 Epic Ski Gathering - Page 11

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We did pretty good at the gathering at Kirkwood in March 2007.  Fewer as the week progressed and we went to Alpine and Squaw.

We never did line everyone up for a picture, though most bears seemed to be enjoying themselves..

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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie View Post

I think Spindrift's number of 60 is a bit high.  I had a discussion with Bob Peters on this at Jackson Hole last season and we both think the number was around 50, FOR THE ENTIRE event.  Not every day.

The daily number is usually around 20 - 25 and that splits into a few groups and sometimes two groups make part of a run together then head off somewhere else.  The Intermediate groups are somewhat smaller....usually 3 - 4.

The biggest DAILY number was April 6, 2007 (I remember that date for some reason) at Let's Go Colorado III.  There were 41 of us.

So I thought about this number and went back to view the photographic evidence.  I think UL may have underestimated the total number for this bluebird day at Vail:

 UL & SC rented out Game Creek lift to better move the group about:

Truly impressive was watching UL organize and lead all these folks…not one accident 

Great day.  A significant day.  One huge lunch!




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Thanks for the memory boost, DonD...
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post

Thanks for the memory boost, DonD...

You did a great job Steve; the happy couple and large group were all 's ...

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My very top skiing memory. What a tremendously wonderful day!
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