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Out the door here at  1 AM.


See you all on the other side!

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22 hours, 56 minutes and 45 seconds until my flight leaves.....

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Apparently comprex and I have a few more hours to wait.  I tried to check us in for our flight and got turned down because it's more than 24 hours in advance.  Some people are so picky!

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I just checked in and we're ready to rock and roll.   Or just rock.  :D

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Leaving hotel in Bozeman and driving down to Jackson in about 15 minutes.

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Drive safely, Jim!

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Looks like you guys will have some freshies on Sat morning. 


Just thought I would torture myself.

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I'm at Sundance for Fri and Sat, then driving up to Jackson on Sunday and should be there late Sunday arvo. They reckon it's 5 hours from Park City.


If anyone happens to be looking for me, my mobile phone number here in the US is 435-729-9456 although I haven't quite worked out how to use this phone quite yet. Got it from wal mart. apparently there's coverage at JH. Allegedly.

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Phone: = christened.

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Hey! My phone works! Comprex got it to ring (I'd never heard it ring)! Yippee.

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Just checked-in to the Antler.  Watiing at the airport baggage claim is always nerve-wracking, but everything arrived.  Spoke to jgiddyup on the phone -- he is here too.

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I've arrived one day early and will be skiing JH on Friday. Anyone available?


Please PM me to get together.


Michael (AKA Barrettscv)

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PM sent

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Wildcat, not there yet, coming in Sat.  Could you give us a snow/weather report after skiing Fri.?

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I will have one (maybe two) discount tickets for SnowKing on Saturday.  $ 22.00 each.  Find me first thing in the morning.


Quite the turn out folks.....WAY COOL

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My work load has made it impossible for me to be in Jackson more than the 1st. weekend. I'll be skiing JHMR Saturday and Sunday (2-7&8-09) if anybody can't or don't want to ski Snow King and/or Targhee, give me a call @ 307 851-8670


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Will do!


FYI, no snow this morning yet, 4 inches expected today. The weekend has a small chance of light snow. No dumps in the forecast.



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Michael,  Hate to state this but here goes.  Never been to JH before or Targhee.  Bringing 3 sets of skis (driving down)  Goat 183 powder, Afterburners 178 in betweeners, Fischer RC4 170 groomer etc.  If you or HB and give me an idea, hate to be on wrong ski.  My ski partner Van says just take one pair then I won't have a selection problem.  He's right but wrong too.  Thanks, driving down Sat. 4 of us.

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I'm very busy with work this week.  I will be skiing at the Village part of the day Sat and maybe Sunday.  I will need to work part of those days, so going to the Ghee is not a great idea for me on Sunday.  I would be willing to take a run on The Pass on Sunday with anyone interested that has the gear, or most of the gear.  I am looking forward to putting some faces with the posts and should be at Bobs Social Hour on Monday.

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There is a free movie tonight at the JH public Library about the 10th Mtn Division.  It starts at 6:00.  I saw it in the local free paper today if anyone in town needs more info, you could find it there.

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Conditions were good but not great. Bring midfats, powder skis are not needed.


About 2 to 3 inches fell on a groomed or firm crud base. The new snow softened the chatter and helped, but conditions are mostly hard. Edgegrip was not a problem.


Does that help?



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Thankyou sir.  Be down tommorrow evening.  3 of us coming from No Idaho and picking up long time ski partner at Airport, coming from Tahoe.

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Oh, real dumb question at the last minute.


What's the easiest way to get from the airport into town? 

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Cab or airport shuttle.  Both should be parked just outside the baggage claim area.


If you take a cab, you might want to try to find someone else to share the cab with.  It's only about a fifteen minute drive from airport to town.

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Wow, that's fast! Thanks!!!


Shuttle... do they go by a schedule & route? Or do they drop you off at whatever motel (Antler Inn) you tell them? 


I'm assuming cab cost quite a lot more...?

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Ok, we're here.....  Snow king condos..   We'll be in line for the first tram tomorrow.

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I honestly don't know the answers to any of those questions.  I think you just have to ask the driver.


I don't think the cab is appreciably more, but it's been a long times since I took a cab or a shuttle.



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Hey.  Welcome back.


I'm committed tomorrow to some other friends that are in town.  I probably won't see you tomorrow.


Have fun, though.

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I will ski part of the day today and tommorow.  I would like to hook up with some of you.  PM me with your cell numbers 

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Here's a map of "downtown" Jackson that identifies the town square, our North40 Realty offices, and the Snake River Brew Pub.


The square is the main landmark in downtown Jackson.  The stoplight at the southwest corner of the square is what everyone uses as the identification point when they say "two blocks west of the square" etc. 


On this map, the town square is marked in BLUE.  The North40 Realty office is marked in RED.  The Snake River Brew Pub is marked in YELLOW.



So, Monday evening is the wine and cheese thing at my office at North40 Realty.  Time is 6:00pm until you all leave to go to supper.  Address is 80 West Broadway, Suite 206.  We are in the Broadway Shops building, one-half block west of the town square on the SOUTH side of Broadway (south is the direction of Snow King Mountain ski area).  Go in the main doors to the building and up the flight of stairs.  We are right at the top of the stairs.  I'll have a sign on the front doors of the building directing you to the right place.


Tuesday evening is the group dinner at the Snake River Brew Pub.  The Brew Pub is located on the NW corner of the intersection of Millward Street and Hansen Avenue.  Millward is two blocks west of the town square on Broadway, and Hansen is three blocks south of Broadway.  You can't possibly miss it.  BE THERE AT 6:15pm SHARP IF YOU WANT TO BE SEATED WITH THE GROUP.


Thanks and see you there.



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