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Phase I: Collect Underpants

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After reading the news about Belleayre's possible closing, I thought I'd take a poke around the website of my local "moutain", Greek Peak in Virgil, NY (between Binghamton and Syracuse) www.greekpeak.net

So, the finally got their funding all in order to build their hotel/condo/indoor waterpark (Phase I of their long term plan).


Phase II is to put in a token number of new trails. If history is our guide, these will be wide clearcuts, straight down the hill. No trees will be left, no interesting features will go unflattened. Phase II also includes new lodging and base facilities, new lift(s), new snowmaking equipment. Not terrible, but I bet the lodging/food ops get the most funding.

Phase III - golf course.

Any thoughts as to how all this is going to affect 1) skiing experience at GP, and 2) Season pass rates? I know what my opinion is, curious on others...especially if you've lived it.
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I smell an oncoming bankruptcy.

Gp is a local hill, not a destination resort. So that means, new trails, better lifts and better on hill amenities could be good to bring in more local skiers, albeit an expensive way. This could be good for the mountain.
the golf course is a good way to keep the cash flowing in the summer, again probably just with local $$. This is also good for the mountain.

Now the bad. Hotel, Condo, Waterpark????? WTF at Greek? if you told me that 10 years ago I would've laughed my a$$ off. Its going to be a big old money pit, this is bad.

Unfortunately I think all of this means their will be more cash going out than coming in. That means higher ticket prices (season and day), which in turn means season pass holders go to other local hills. Day trippers will probably just make the drive to the larger (Gore, Whiteface, most of VT, Hunter, maybe Belleayre) areas within driving distance because ticket prices will be comparably priced if not cheaper than Greek, negating the extra expense of driving.

After that happens, on comes the bankruptcy followed by the sale and subsequent purchase(s) by owners who streamline it and run it bare bones.

Unfortunately it looks like this is going to be my new home hill.
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Cherchez le golf.
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Kudos on the thread title! Just change Phase II to "?????"
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.... and Phase III = Profit.
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The Avalanche Bay Waterpark ( http://www.avalanchebay.com/ ) has made a huge change to Boyne USA's old corporate headquarters hill here in Michigan. More nonskier lodging that ended up having folks "try skiing since we're here", more summer business for both conventions and just rooms, more efforts by the management to bring new features like open-air concerts with star musicians, etc. Boyne's always used golf as a way to attract summer business for its rooms and meeting facilities, and keep ski employees on the payroll in the offseason, and it's been helpful, but the waterpark made the biggest turnaround. We had more ski school business than ever the last two seasons.
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