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question for Owen's

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this is to Owen's because i though he'd be the one with the info, but anyone can chip in.

do you know what North Face clothing Jeremy Nobis is wearing in the most recent track TGR pictures???. (the ones where he's chilin,eating lunch and the one where he's walking with his skis) they seem to be dark red and gray jacket with gray pants

thanks guys

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I'm not sure, but you can drop an e-mail to Letitia Ferrier at The North Face and she should be able to tell you. You can email her at Reference her to this link:

That's the page with the photos you are talking about.

It never hurts us to show that people actually do get exposure to sponsor products / gear through our films and website.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Owens Never Sleeps
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thanks Owens, i e-mailed her and found out the info i wanted

thanks again and keep up the good work, any info on next years film yet???


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