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Marker Jester

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I am looking at some skis, and the guy says they are fully adjustable bindings. The only pictures I can find are of the heel, and toe only. Is there a plate that goes with them, or something..Are they really adjustable? He says he had them setup for a 13 shoe, and I wear a 10.

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I don't think they are that adjustable. You'll probably have to remount them.

There is no plate in between.

BTW- I loved them on my 190 Goatamas @ 100+ days. Never preleased and I felt super solid. I am a stronger careful skier here in JH and don't release often (8-11 DIN) yet I feel like I came out when I "kneeded" too.
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He wants 250 for the skis, and from what I see the jesters are worth that alone

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Sounds like a deal.
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Originally Posted by LeeX View Post
He wants 250 for the skis, and from what I see the jesters are worth that alone

I have a size 13 shoe, so if you are worried about a remount, might be willing to buy them instead...what are they?
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Jesters are VERY adjustable! Do not let the fact that there is no plastic plate connecting the toe and heel fool you. Most toe-to-heel plates are just "beauty covers" anyway...
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All else being equal (and it rarely is), the difference between a size 13 and a size 10 should equate to roughly 3cm in the exterior boot sole measurement, which is the only thing that matters for binding mounts.

The general rule for remounting the same bindings on the ski is that you want at least 1cm between holes.

Assuming that you want to mount these with the same midpoint, the toe and heel piece each should move about 1.5cm towards the center.

Translation: You should be fine.
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I went ahead and bought them, they are 2007-08, 176 Line Chronic.. For 250.00, I do not think it is much of a gamble..I will know in a few days if it is a good buy, but if nothing else I can resell the bindings eh..
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