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Bear recognition?

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Driving home from work tonight, I passed an SUV with an Atomic sticker on the back window and of the old I ski Squaw bumper stickers. I looked at the driver and wondered if it could be someone from this board.

That got me thinking about the upcoming season. With the large number of NorCal bears, I'm betting that more than a few of us will end up unknowingly sharing a run or even a chairlift this season. Any ideas on if or what we could do to allow easy but subtle recognition? I'm not suggestion a fraternity handshake (and I'm NOT going through Hell Week again! [img]smile.gif[/img] ) but maybe there's something we could all do to allow us to recognize each other in case of a chance meeting.

Maybe a certain sticker on a ski tip or pole or something? Dunno...dumb idea?
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I think thats a good idea.

(I'd keep it quiet about being a frat boy though) [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Don't worry, Todd, Hell Week was...oh...18 years ago!
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Soon, my license plates will say, you guessed it, SCSA.
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AC..thats a really cool service! I sent my envelope yesterday! My stickers will be travelling a long way in the next week or so
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCSA:
Soon, my license plates will say, you guessed it, SCSA.

Was it just me or did anybody else think of another 4 letter word ?

SCSA - Please attach the sticker to your forehead and everyone will instantly know who you are.
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AC, how big an envelope and how many stamps?

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Normal letter-size envelope and standard letter postage (for US residents, I have no idea internationally) -- unless you are requesting extra stickers for multiple people then use your judgement (I don't know offhand).
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Apparently there is a postage payment system which is known all over the world and depending on what country you send from you just pay a certain amount up front and that gets your mail to and from without having to worry about exchange rates etc. I paid about $2 for return postage from epic ski to Australia which i though was great. Maybe this is only an Aus, US set up but maybe it covers other countries also. If anyone wants to know more on this give me a yell and i'll find out in more detail.
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When you see someone on a pair of grey Scream-9's with epicski stickers on the tails, that's me. one on my helmet, too.
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Hey Ott,

I think I have some stickers in my skiing backpack from last years Bear Gathering. If you come to BM on this Sunday morning or at lunch I could get them to you.

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I think this is a good idea for safety reasons. If I see someone with a Epicski bumper sticker this time of year I'll know his/her mind definitely is off in the mountains instead paying attention to driving and I'll make sure to give them plenty of room. Of course, being an Epicski participant my mind will be elsewhere and I won't notice the bumper sticker.
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Do you have only bumper stickers or smaller ones too. I would put one on my ski helmet if it was waterproof. I found the site by seeing a small sticker at Porter's in Truckee a few years ago.
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The best thing for helmets is to take the smaller sticker (witht he skier guy) and cut off the "www.EpicSki.com" part to use on the helmet.
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I just have a thing against putting stickers on my forehead. I don't know, I guess that's the snob in me.
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Thanks for the offer, Powdigger, but I'm going to go to the Sheldon in St. Louis this weekend, a friends has a big ceramic show there and then we'll come back and try to be at BM the following Sunday for open house...

I want a sticker for Ann also, so I'll send for two sets to AC...

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AC- I've been meaning to send a small check to defray your costs. I know you don't want it, however, I want to send it. Same address?
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