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Comparable to X-15's?

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Hey I have K2 X-15's and im in the market for new skis. Im looking at Dynastars Intuitiv 71 and Volkl AX3. How do these skis compare to X-15's?? Im 5'6" 150lbs and a rather aggressive skier. The X-15's were 178s and were rather long for me im going down to 160s with eihter the dynastar or the volkl. Also what are someother good skis in this catagory?

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Anyone help?
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X-15 became the Mod-X and then the Axis X, which still is available. The Axis X is a much better ski than the X-15, more rebound, more power, yet also more forgiving.

The skis in this category:

Atomic R:9 (good ski!)
Blizzard Sigma 7.0 FXP Ti
Dynastar Intuitiv 71 Powertrac
Elan M10
Fischer Big Stix FX 7.0
Head Monster i.M 70 Super Railflex
K2 Axis X
Nordica SUV 10X ST
Rossignol Bandit X
Salomon X-Scream Series
Volant Gravity 71
Volkl 724 AX3

I'd bet that most of these skis -- no, all of them -- will outperform the X-15 in most every condition.

Do some research so that you get the right balance of features that you like in a ski. Demo. Demo. Then demo again.
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Thanks for the suggestions! Would you be able to narrow that down at all to the better skis of that bunch? Thats a lot of skis to demo!!
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I skied on the XP's last year and I am not on the intuitiv71's this year. I am the same weight but a litte taller than you. The 71's are a sure bet, they do it all. They are stiffer and will most likely have a better edge hold than the X-15's. Go for them you will enjoy them for sure.
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Do you think the Volkl AX3 is comparable to the Intuitiv 71's?
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Originally posted by MagsRgod:
Do you think the Volkl AX3 is comparable to the Intuitiv 71's?
If you thought that a 178 X-15 was too much ski, stay away from an AX3, regardless of the length.
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I dont think it was to much ski at all, I could man handle it when I wanted too, it just seemed to long to me.
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