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The men's aerials were great to watch {onTV} last night.. Congratulations Joe.. tough luck Eric.. it was amazing how good everyone was. It's not easy getting there as a lot of you guys know. The U.S. doesn't support their athletes much. I rented a room in P.C. to a guy on the team, Tony Blondo, for a season.{7 years ago} Tony was on the U.S. freestyle team, or on the development team, depending on how he was doing {it was never very clear to me} Trace Worthington was everybodies hero and he had sponsership, but the others were pretty much on their own. Used to watch them practice up in Bear Hollow and beleive me, they didn't stick every landing. Tony did really well his final year in world cup, taking a couple firsts, but injured his shoulder the season before Nagano.. These guys train their asses off every day to represent our country and they do it with almost no support at all. Tony was as much a gymnist as a skier, and he taught gymnastics..Salomon and Marker and various ski makers would contribute a little gear now and then. It's a different attitude in Europe, I hear. I wonder what more we could do to support our teams? I forgot to charge him rent after the first month or so. Funniest guy in the world to freeski with on a powder day if you could just get him out of bed...
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Man what a tough run for Bergoust all he had to do was stick it. Just a bit too amped. NBC was driving me nuts last night with their coverage of that event. I saw the prelims on CBC this weekend in Vermont and that was really good and I saw everyone. I wanted to slap those dipstick commentators last night.
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