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Powderhorn Pants

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Anyone have experience with this brand of pants? Just bought a pair of the Jesse James off of Tramdock. They look sweet!
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those do look sweet! I saw those and wondered how they were, but I don't have the balls or pocket to drop 150 on pants without trying them on...
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I went and looked them up after I saw those, 'cause I also had never heard of them. Found this here:

Powderhorn was founded in 1972 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and grew slowly as a niche brand until the mid-eighties. In 1986, at the height of its success the brand suddenly vanished with the tragic accident of the original owner.
The story of Powderhorn was unique in many ways. The jackets were signature pieces made with leather yolks over the shoulders, jean inspired buttons instead of zippers, and zip off sleeves. The pieces were always made in two color-ways, which could be ordered in ‘crazy’, ‘fashion’, or ‘basic’ colors. Customers never actually had a choice of colors because all the garments were manufactured out of whatever remnants were available in the local Jackson factory. Dealers ordered by size runs, such as: 1/S, 2/M, 2/l, and 1/XL, and didn’t know what they were getting until the surprise package arrived at their door step. Powderhorn jackets were in such high demand, that most times the product was sold straight out of the box without giving the retailer a chance to hang and display the pieces in their store.
Powderhorn will distribute the first rebirth line in the fall of 2007.
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They were my first pair of formal ski pants (from jeans) in 1979. State of the art back then, I guess. These look pretty slick, but they are insulated. Haven't worn insulated Gortex since 79. I only wear shells. Maybe that's why I go in when it's cold.
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I just bought the powderhorn Jesse James Jacket. I have to admit the quality isn't quite what I expected. The Dermizax nylon it's made out of is thin (it's just treated nylon), It's only single stitched, Zipper quality seems cheap, the hood doesn't fit a helmet, the velcro barely holds, critically sealed seams means not all seams are sealed. It just looks and feels a bit "cheap." I know the jacket won't last long. I think that $150 is fair for the pants but I wouldn't pay more than that.
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A mate had a Powderhorn jacket in the late 1970's, it was a very sweet affair - reversable, removable sleeves......
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I think the company in the 70's was totally different than the company of today.
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