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Ski Saver Tape

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Just thought I would pick the brains of the group. Years ago there was a product called Ski Saver. It was a clear tape that you put on the top skin of the skis. I demo my skis quite a bit and used up all I have in my inventory and looking to find some more. Who makes it? Does anyone know how to get more of this stuff? Thanks
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You will probably have to resort to the 3M adhesive film made to protect autmotive paint.
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How thick

How thick was that product 20-30-40 mil? any idea?
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Less than 20.

It shed cut bits off itself and yellowed quite fast, too.

You might well fare far better with the modern stuff.

Assuming you can get it to stick to uneven topsheets and cap sidewalls.
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I just put a mic on it and it was 15 mil and the stuff I am using never yellowed or fell apart. I may ask Allsaver for a sample.
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I tried it once. Once.
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