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Brady's down!?!?!?

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CBS Sportsline Mike Freeman claims Matt Cassell is a decent fillin, but anything goes now that the best player in the league is down.


My first/denial response when Cassell filled in after that inspired first drive was "who needs Brady?!" But that was before news of the DREADED ACL TEAR!!

I'm thinkin 10-6 now ... dunno but it's a whole new ballgame ... the defense isn't THAT good anymore. Coach Bill has to scramble yet again ....
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There are a whole lot of examples of backup QB's going in and the team keeps on winning like nothing happened. Earl Morrall played most of the games in the '72 Dolphins perfect season. Bradshaw's backup went 6-0 in his absence one year. Bubby Brister (of all people) managed to go 5-0 in Elway's absence in one of Denver's Super Bowl years. Kurt Warner did mighty well for a few years after coming off the bench. Tom Brady was a backup before Bledsoe got hurt. Ben Rothlisberger did pretty well his rookie year (13-0 regular season) after going in because of Maddox got hurt. The list goes on.

I wouldn't start crying in your milk quite yet.
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It's official: Out for the season.

Brady out for season

The Patriots issued the following statement: "After extensive tests this morning, it was revealed that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's left knee, which was injured in the first quarter of yesterday's game, will require surgery. He will be placed on injured reserve and will miss the remainder of the 2008 season."
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sighhhhhhhhhhhhh ... well he can spend more time with the kid now right?

Wonder if they'll go out and get someone else ...

This is the nightmare scenario ....
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Now we'll find out what kind of coach Belichick really is...
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Cassell hasn't been in a game since High School.
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I think it's that he hasn't STARTED a game since high school...

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All I can say about the Pats is this:




After the World Series I will then deal with the reality of a season without Brady.

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I tend to agree - I don't USUALLY start watching games religiously until foliage at least, Halloween for serious!

It's just that ... he's Tom frikkin Brady for Gods sake and just came off the best regular season anyone ever had.

Back to square one on the offense.

This next week has become critical for how the team will respond going forward.
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I'm a huge Pats fan and obviously hate to lose Brady for the season but it should make the division race more interesting as it's pretty much up for grabs now. I still think the Pats make the playoffs but don't see them winning it all with Cassell or anyone else not named Brady.
If Cassell becomes a version of Earl Morrell they better start ramping up production of the #16 jersey of which total sales have been maybe 3 up to this point.
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Yeah people forget - Brady was VERY pedestrian that first year especially. Remember the quarterback controversy? Bledwho?! Brady never got going or credit until at least 03, maybe later. Well in some people's minds not until last year was he in the same breath as Manning, which is a travesty - look at the weapons Manning has had all along. Last year just validated how good Brady really is.

But then again, their defense, special teams and turnovers played a HUGE role in 01 and 03. If they end up getting a lot of points off turnovers they can win with a game manager/mediocre quarterback.

I think that's what Bellichek will do - not ask too much of Casell. btw any relation to Sam Cassell? jk

He'll set things up to not lose the game - keep em in it and leave it to the defense and special teams to win it.

Then again we DO still have Randy Moss so ....
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Just for laughs, anyone remember when Bellichek was head coach of the Browns?
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
Yeah people forget - Brady was VERY pedestrian that first year especially. Remember the quarterback controversy?
The best two things to happen to the Pats were:
a) Mo Lewis knocking Bledsoe out of the game early in the 2000/2001 season.
b) The Steelers knocking Brady out of the game during the AFC Championship that season so that Bledsoe could play. When Brady went down, I had the first inkling that Pittsburgh could be in trouble. Brady couldn't figure out a blitz then; he still can't.
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Well, he's not mobile (especially now but I'd have to say he was proven to be one of the best at exploiting defenses and blitzes over the past several years. He did it in many superbowls too (Rams, Eagles)... and won most of them!

Bledsoe had glimpses of greatness and was a great thrower ... but was MUCH more susceptible to "happy feet" and pressured bad decisions than Tommy touchdown ever was.
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