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Bozeman - SLC

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We need to make a college visit to MSU this year and I am contemplating combining it with our annual school vacation week ski trip in Feb. One possibility is to spend Prez day weekend in Bozeman, visit MSU on Tuesday, then travel to SLC (where we have a condo) for rest of the week. Several questions - how crowded do Big Sky and/or Bridger get over holiday weekend? Does it make any sense to drive from Bozeman to SLC? Flights are $200 thru Denver (+ fees no doubt) and there are 3 of us. How long would it take in winter?
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The drive is 400 miles. It takes around 7 hours during the summer but can be rather harrowing during the winter. The stretch through Idaho is prone to blowing snow & a real pain to drive at night. If you do drive I recommend doing it in two days stopping over in Driggs to ski Targhee (or hop over the hill and hit Jackson.)

Bridger Bowl gets crowded Saturday of Presidents Weekend. Sunday is mixed but Monday is usually okay. Big Sky gets crowds but that means 3 or 4 minutes to get out of the base area and a couple people in front of you on the rest of the mountain except the tram, which can get 45 minute lines.
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Rio's right. I like the Targhee idea.
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Can't speak about Bridger as we haven't been there for awhile, but the last 2 seasons we were at BS over Pres week. I've been told that is the busiest week of the year, and as already mentioned, aside from the tram, lift lines are pretty much non-existent even on that week/weekend. Moonlight is worth checking out as well, and had very light crowds on Saturday (or was it Sunday) pres weekend. We skipped it the first few seasons it opened, but now make it there a few days during our annual BS week (cheaper tickets definitly a plus as well).

When at MSU, ask about discount tickets for the ski areas. My niece did the tour a few years back and got some. I have a HS senior that should take advantage of that as well when we go for our ski week, but he doesn't want to cut into his ski days while out there. Otherwise, Costco in BZN usually has BS/Moon tickets.

Speaking of crowds, I'm trying to decide between a Christmas to New Year's ski trip through Montana (Whitefish to BS), or to SLC. My kids have yet to ski Utah, and it's been 20 years since I have, so I kind of want to go that route. But...we are really spoiled never having any lift lines to speak of in MT. Any thoughts on crowds over xmas at SLC areas?
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