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Parts for Atomic T:11

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I absolutly LOVE my lime green Atomic T:11 boots. I coach and ski in them, and now the toes and heels are very well worn. They are replacable, but the Atomic rep in my area tells me there are none left. Any ideas on where I can find Heel and toe plates x2 for the Atomic T:11?

PM, IM, Email, postings... its all good.

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call atomic and ask them? the rep might be out, but some warranty or warehouse guy might be able to find some.
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theres about 100 of them in my workshop.... maybe even a lime green one
shipping them trans atlantic may not be cheap though.......

but...i see your location, i am in stratton in 3 weeks for a course i could bring some out and surface post them from Boston on my way up
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Colin, I checked out your website! Great stuff. You know I am in need of the hard heel and toe for the outside of the boot, right? If you have them, I need them. I would be willing to pay for the shipping from Boston. I only live about 50 minutes from there, you could even leave them somewhere... although the folks at Logan do not like packages laying around their airport unattended! Seriously, I would pay for the shipping form Boston, and maybe even from the UK if need be. How much can it be? Lets stay in touch.

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adding a post so I can send IM's.
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