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Team Summit Ski Swap

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I just saw several ads for a Ski Swap at Breck and Copper Sept 12-14 to benefit Team Summit (kids racing/training). Has anyone ever attended this swap? What stuff do they usually have?
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To answer my own post, Breck had better selection, including a decent number of used GS skis, but not everything I was looking for. No used stuff at Copper, but I did get a $20 gift card for arriving early.

Both places had a decent amount of mid level new gear at moderately discounted prices.
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I've learned that nothing beats Summit County Labor Day sales.

New gear at 50% to 70% off isn't bad.

The problem with swaps, is that after the sponsor (ski clubs, ski patrol, etc.) take their 20%, the beat-up used gear can be as expensive as last year's new gear.
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I didn't see any screaming bargains with the new stuff, but some of the beat up stuff was pretty cheaping with some banged up (but tuned w/ wax) GS skis W/ BINDINGS starting at $40...the ones I got were $75 http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=72448
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