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El Nino

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Any weather experts out there? I read today about a predicted El Nino event for this year. In the best "what's in it for me" fashion -- I wonder how this is expected to affect snowfall in the Rockies and Northeast this winter.

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I seem to remember that the last El Nino gave us a few extra inches of snow, but don't quote me on that.

Michael Fish
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El Nino is supposed to be raging in NZ this year, Mt Ruapehu had its highest snow level in 10+ years for end July.
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Damn, I better move back to Southern Oregon. The last El Nino caused slight warming and heavy winter rains/snows there. Ski season would start a little late but once it got going the snow never stopped. If I remember right it also caused more snow in the Tahoe area. I can't remember what the effects were on the Rockies but it can't be any worse than what they've been experiencing the past few years.
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I live in the Texas panhandle and ski Northern New Mexico (Taos) and Southern Colorado. We have been praying for another El Nino for over 2 years because the previous one brought the best snowfall in years. My wife and I have been talking for months about the propects of snow ever since it was first mentioned in the weather.
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well, socal got rocked during the last el nino. Lots of huge dumps. Im sure all south west and south midwest got much more snow. I dont know about the north east.
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