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New and need help selecting skis

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Hi all. I'm new to this board so please be gentle.

I have not ski since my college days (about 15 years ago). I just start skiing again because I want my kids (2 & 4) to get an early start in skiing. Anyway, me and my better half are in the market for skis. I'm type II, 180 lbs, 5'8" tall. My wife is type I, 110 lbs, 5'4" tall. We are looking to ski with the kids 5-8 days a year. Pleas suggest new shaped skis, bindings, boots. Cost under $500 each.
Thanks in advance. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Welcome. There are others on this board who can provide more info on specific boots/skis than I can. However, a good approach is to start with some basic research. This is pretty easy with sites like this one, and others that provide gear info and reviews. Just searching for the word "intermediate" in this forum can bring up some useful entries. www.techsupportforskiers.com is a good site. www.skimag.com and www.skiingmag.com are useful, but you need to take some of their hype with a grain of salt.

The first order of business, once you are sure you're committed, is to find an appropriate pair of boots - hopefully from a knowledgable boot fitter. Custom footbeds will add greatly to fit, comfort and performance.

The next step is to rent/demo the short list of skis you have decided are good candidates based on your research and the recommendations from knowledgable people (not just salesmen). No rush in buying before you really know what you like/want.

Also, if you haven't been on skis in several years, I would recommend taking a lesson from someone who can help make the transition to shaped skis easier and faster.

With today's equipment, skiing is easier than ever. Best wishes.

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I agree with what G. Law has posted. Boots first, then the skis. In order to help you, you need to develop a good relationship with a ski shop, or a store where one of their specialities is skiing.Over the next several years your are going to be givng them lot's of business. The best pricing is spring and July/August.

For your children's soon to be fast growing feet, best to buy boots close to the start of the season.

For you and your wife, get into a seasonal rental program where hopefully you can try variuos skis.

As for your children, if they have about the same shaped foot, then I would buy good boots for the older child to pass down to the younger. If you have a boy and a girl then being able to pass boots down may be a problem. Skis and bindings you can pass down, until they are teenagers, then each is going to want to express their own individuality in selection of skiing equipment.
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