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What have you done so far in preparation for the upcoming season?

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As the title says, what have you done specifically in preparation for the upcoming ski season?
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Hiked fifty miles last week, endured heckling from summer folks on chairlift while choking on my lungs at 10k feet.

Left the powder skis in an inaccessible location to guarantee early season awesomeness at Wolf Creek.
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Saved money so I can travel to real snow and mountains. Not too many mountains here in Iowa.
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Started intensive 12 week exercise/diet program.
Booked airfare and car rental for February Colorado trip.
Arranged stone grinding and binding mounting.
Organized Ski Log.
Planning sale at swap of old gear.
Researched lift ticket prices.
Spent ungodly amount of time on Epic.
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Lost some weight
Bought some gear
Ordered some more
Tried (unsuccessfully) to build some credit with wife
Stoked older son
Planned some trips
Made some posts
Hoarded some vacation time
Planned some fall mtn/road bike rides
Got in touch with instructor (older son) and babysitter (younger)
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It's only September...

I'll get my new skis in about a month... Other than that, not much really to do to "prepare"
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Planned two trips west so far.
Thought about what I need for gear
Bought a jacket

Not my usual preseason on many levels.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post
Started intensive 12 week exercise/diet program.
Care to elaborate on this one? I've been trying to get in shape myself after a summer behind a desk and wonder what others do to prepare for ski season.

Things I've done:
Applied for and received a year leave of absence from school.
Trying to find a subletter for my apartment for the year. I thought I had one and then he ditched on me two days later (wtf?).
Applied for about a dozen ski resort jobs.
Looked at a ton of ski job related websites.
Significantly improved my 5K run time.
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I've sold a few older pair of skis.
Booked two trips.
Planning on two other trips.
Bought bindings for my F17's
Bought Season pass' for local hill as well as Abasin.
Got a new down vest for the bitter cold days.

There is more but I am at a loss at the moment.
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Neuronix, I'm doing something called Body For Life which I did 2 years ago. When I did it then I got in great shape and lost about 17lbs and over 3" of my waist. The book I got the plan from is called Body For Life.

6 days a week of exercise, ideally done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to burn fat. Alternating cardio and weights. Cardio/Lower Body/Cardio/Upper Body/Cardio day 7 is rest and free day.

Meals are 6 smallish meals a day every 2-3 hours. Each meal should have about a fist size portion of good protein, and the same of good carbs. (very low fat diet. carbs would be brown rice, potatoes, real whole wheat, barley, etc.)

Free day eat what you want.

The book has a lot of good advice on planning (fail to plan, plan to fail) goals, mental approaches etc. Been around for a number of years.
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So far I've done nothing.

I should start working on the abdominal and back muscles.

But mainly I have to start thinking about ways to build up "child care credit" that can be spent on future ski trips. I have two month old twin daughters, so I don't think this ski season is going to be too epic for me. However, if I can give my wife some time off from the kids in September and October, perhaps that can translate into ski trips in January and February? We'll see.
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The splittie and the backpack are in the garage.

When it snows I'll put 'em in the box and drive up the hill.

Been hiking and climbing. I wouldn't call that preparing. I just like flowers and lakes and mountain tops and meadows.

Nothing to prepare for, just go.
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Originally Posted by loco13 View Post
Saved money so I can travel .
Please let us in on your secret
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Staying in shape;

Picked up 4 pair of skis since my last ski trip-1 new, 3 gently used. They have been tuned and waxed. I will take Noridca Mid fats and K2 Fours for my first trip (less expenisve of the bunch), then break out the SuperShapes when the base coverage is deeper. The new CaBrawlers won't see action until I can confirm there are bumps to ski.

If you can't tell... I'm TOTALLY STOKED!
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Checked the date I have to buy my Bridger Bowl pass by to get the discount. Pondered which skis to vote out of my quiver.
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Bought my season pass
Got a step closer to complete my first quiver
Spent lots of time here
Tried (and succeeded so far) to stay in shape
Made tramdock.com my home page

Still looking for a place in Taos.
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Went skiing every 2 weeks or so all summer.

Submitted my returning instructor application.

Applied for an instructor gig in Italy.

Bought a few small gear items.

Signed up as a mountain rep for an unnamed company.

That's about it.
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Just ordered some new boards and a new jacket.
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Started lifting again...2 times a week since June...
Getting ready to sell some gear..need to replace the watea 84's
going to get some wider skis...100mm
Hiked up to the top of chair 9 at Loveland Basin...
Start at 10,600 all the way to 13,000...
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had sucessful surgery
rehabing and training (lost 8 pounds!)
sold a ton of gear! (4 jackets, a pair pants, 2 pair of skis and other gear)
bought 2 pair of skis, a jacket and a couple pair of pants
bought pass for steamboat. (20 day)
Have a 5 weeks of trips scheduled!
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Continued going to the gym and started riding my Mt Bike again.

Lost about 10lbs. Lighter skiers can jump higher; I read that on snopes.com, so it must be true.

Bought a pair of twin tips a few nights ago.

Bought new speakers for the Jeep so the 2 hour to and from the mountain would be more enjoyable. Head unit is with Sony for repair...long story.

Bought new poles

Need to get hood sheild/gaurd for the Jeep...damn stone chips.
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Biking and/or swimming at least 3 days a week.
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Originally Posted by Harry_Morgan View Post
Went skiing every 2 weeks or so all summer.
Have you had any posts at all since about April that HAVEN'T mentioned that you are still skiing?

Nice job. We're very proud of you.
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Sure. A few inane political posts, here and there.

BTW, want to go skiing this week?
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Sorry, haven't read the whole thread, but any of you ski over the summer at all?

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Sold Mantras
Bought Watea 94's
Bought backup pair of Kryptons
Booked flight and rental car for 3 week Jackson/Big Sky trip for the Gathering
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So far I've been on Epic and TGR a bit. Got my first JONGs of the season in (both give and take).

Hit refresh on Tramdock about 9,234 times. Bought new skis as a result.

Pretended I was skiing while riding my MTB down a logging road.

Watched bits and pieces of Better off Dead.

So yeah I'm fiending pretty bad, but it doesn't get real bad until Winter Warmer is out (which doesn't always happen before the ski season starts). Once that stuff hits the shelves I start walking around the house in boots and goggles.
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I bought some stuff - does that count?

Oh I should add - I lost 32 pounds, 5 inches off my waist and 12% BF doing p90x (last 90 days).

Gonna be a different skier this season!

Starting another round in a week or so ...
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Great job ct55. I'm working on losing 17lbs. 32 is awesome. Think powder - you'll float!!
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Only thing I've done is start checking the forums here at Epicski.

Just haven't gotten the fever yet this year. We have an early season guys trip with a cousin his two teenage boys and me and my 15-year old. This year is his turn to book and pay. Anyway we were hanging out a lake a few weeks back and he asked me where I want to go this year. I just said book it and let me know when and where. Thinking about it now, that is very unlike me... when it comes to skiing I usually know where I want to go, or more precisely, where I don't want to go. Hmm probably end up at Flatton or Mt. Sneaux... oh well, whatever, not that stoked yet, Sorry for the unfocused ramble.
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