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The season does not start for another 3 months, and in the last month I have bought all the major purchases, so come snow time, I only need food and petrol money.

Skis : 160cm Atomic 10.20 plus bindings, about $1000 (still in transit from Telemark Pyrenees, France )
Jacket $240 (factory outlet price)
Ski pants $130 (factory outlet price)
National Ski pass to 14 ski areas $899

Total $2269 NZ = about $1200 USD

I got 4 years out of my Bandits, and 10 years out of my ski suit, and it's not worn out, so expect this lot to keep me going for a while.

I am really beginning to wonder if I want to get my new man interested in skiing. Getting to be real expensive down under, full price lift ticket at Mt Hutt this year is $72. Ouch!
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Lets see, hmm

Lost a ski bag this weekend---about 20 bucks 2 years ago

New ski lock 15 bucks

Not bad!

Oh yea, small foot, bought new Nordica Doberman boots for $131.00

Sounds like under 200 bucks to me!
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How did you lose your ski bag, skier_j? : I'm sure there's a story there...

I won't say how much I spent. Over $400. After that amount, it doesn't matter.
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I have the right to remain silent. Anything I post can and will be used against me in a court of divorce. I have the right to an attorney. If I cannot afford one after what I have spent and am about to spend on skiing, Sno'more will represent me. So be looking for an IPO with my name on it.
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2001 Dynastar 4X4 Powertracs $199
1999 Fisher XTR $125
2003 Volkl V3 Motion $299
2004 Volkl T50 Supersport 4 star Motion $465

Clothing $100

Adds up fast.
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