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How Much?

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How much money have you spent on ski equipment for yourself and your family this year?

B2's with Axial 140 bindings, Kerma Viper poles (other ones got stolen)

Wife, Rossi Rebels, akial 100 bindings, Sloomom Boots

Son, 2 pairs Scratch F.S., scratch 140 bindings, Scott poles, Solomon 1080 Boots

Son, Solomon 1080's, Solomon Bindings, Scott poles

Not including goggles , gloves, jackets and pants I'd say a total of a cool $2500

Who says the ski industry is hurting.
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2 pairs of Scratch FS? Did he break one already?
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No Warren, the first pair got stolen at Blackcomb last July at High North Ski Camp. Actually, they have held up quite well despite the banging they have taken. Wish I could say the same about my Son. His body has been getting busted up quite badly.
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Olin Sierra Limited (found on eBay) - $105
K2 Axis X demo skis (found on EpicSki) - $200
2002 Bandit XX (found at swap) - $200
Look Pivot P12 (found on EpicSki) - $115
Rossi Saphir Axial T-Plate 100 (found on eBay) - $105
Salomon 912Ti Demo Bindings (found on EpicSki) - $96
Noridca Beast boots - $479
4 binding mounts - $100

Total - $1,400

Definitely a record for me. Glad I bought the Olins & K2s for the rocky beginning of the season.

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1999 Nordica Next 7.0 - brand new - $140.00 (well, that was last year);

Marker bindings - used, unknown year, still indemnified (not banned) - $45.00 ;

Elan PSX - very shaped, used, unknown year, with a plate - @105.00.

Everything is from ebay.

We used to buy new skis / boots / bindings every 3-4 seasons, but not anymore: if we buy them we will not be able to afford to use them Our typical ski vacation budget is about $1000-1500 for a week. Spending all that money on gear, when it takes a season just to get used to it - not for us!
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Since the end of last season:

183cm '01 Atomic Beta Race 10.22s, used '01 10-18 bindings: $250
183cm '01 Volkl P40 Energy Rails (green), no binding: $225
178cm '01 Atomic Beta Race RS 10.22s, new '01 6-14 bindings: $350
180cm '02 Atomic Beta Race 9.20s, new '02 6-14 bindings: $225
160cm '00 Atomic Beta Race 9.16s, no binding: $200
160cm '01 Atomic Beta Race RS 9.16s, Ess 6-14 bindings: $300
160cm '02 Atomic Beta Race RS 9.16s, new '02 6-14 bindings: $400
150cm '02 Atomic Beta Race 9.12s, no binding: $300
157cm '03 Atomic Beta Race 11.12s, new '03 6-14 bindings: $450
160cm '02 K2 Mach SL RACE, EPB lifter, Rossi race bindings: $400

Ouch. Add in the new boots/bootfitting, all the poles I bought this year, helmets, goggles, tuning gear, parka, race suits... Ouch. Well over $5000 and I still haven't factored in season passes, coaching costs, clinics, USSA dues, race fees... Double ouch.

Out of the 10 skis I've purchased over the last 12 months, I have actually used 3 of them (178cm 10.22s, '02 9.16s, and the 9.20s). All but the K2s, '00 9.16s, and '01 9.16s were new and had never been mounted. The only holdovers from the previous year, my trusty Chubbs, are still in last Spring's storage wax.

I need to slow down a bit before the wife catches on. I always spend more on a poor snow year.
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On equipment
1) 2003 Stockli Spirit Frees
2) Pair of Hestra gloves (others wearing out now & relegated to spring gloves)

so not much really

However I did have about 70 private lessons @ at least $70-85 a pop (2 hours is about 70-80 dollars I had a lot of 3-4 hours & a few all days)
so about $5000 - $7000 on that... I see lessons as a better investment than fancy gear as I KNOW my technique needs to improve a LOT & I am assured I could ski my shorty slaloms anywhere if I skied well enough(My instructors point out that THEY CAN - maybe not their choice but they CAN)

I also spent a few hundred on skating lessons this summer ...

Next season I will probably buy new boots & a new set of Stockli SLR's in a 156cm & some bindings for the Spirits... may just hang in on the boots & skis for 1 more season though....
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My purchases this season:
1. Technica Icon Alu Comp boots. (RRP $780US) Acquired in UK (UK RRP $500).
2. Giro Nine Helmet. ($100US? - can't remember) Whistler.
3. Upgrade to Fire Lens for A Frames (RRP $100). UK.
4. Fischer bag ($100US). UK
5. Accessories (socks, microfleeces, etc) ($100US)

Total spend for year on equipment $350US.

Should we start a thread of planned purchases for next season?
1. New jacket & pants
2. Another pair of skis (maybe)
3. More accessories
4. More Oakleys

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WTFH---I can't believe folks are letting you slide on equipment costs?! Factoring in beer and stout it has to be a staggering amount!
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OK, John, if we include my 'liquid asset' consumption, flights, etc, I probably spend $4-5000US for 3 weeks skiing each year.

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2 pairs of Boot Gloves for Christmas presents--50.00
1 pair of Booster Straps--39.00
1 Pro Tec helmet--56.00
1 pair of Carrera Goggles--49.00
1st chair on a powder day--priceless
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Alex, have you ever considered renting equipment for the season?
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2002-2003 188 cm G4 w/ S912 Ti, $560
Tuning tools, vises, and waxes, $650 (yes more than the skis : )
Skis and boots for my son, $160
Skis and boots for my other son, $100
Clothes for those guys, $200
Helmets for all three of us, $200
4 days w/o the family at Big Sky, $900
Goggles for 3, $100
Season passes at the local hill for 3, $450
Ski school for the boys, $900

: I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to start skiing. Oh, and I need boots ($300 on sales for X-Wave 9.0) or maybe just a good custom liner ($200).


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dynastar bigs, fritschi freerides, tecnica icon xt-$830
not done yet-this is buying season for me
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About $1600 on 3 pairs of skis
2 pairs Atomic 9.21 (1 for kid, one for me)
1 pair Atomic 9.12 (for kid)

$200 for extra fancy long underwear to go under kid's race suit when it dropped to -20

$200 for tunning equipment & wax

$300 - Arc'teryx pants for spouse

$200 for gloves, fleece, socks

Next year.......
New skis for spouse
New Arc'teryx pants for me
boot bag for kid
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Originally posted by Ladede:
2002-2003 188 cm G4 w/ S912 Ti, $560
Where'd you find the G4s w/bindings for such a good deal?
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It been a big year for me! Atomic Ride 9.22 180 cm.Marker 1200 Piston $500[50% off].Voelkl T-50 5star 168cm. Marker 1200 Piston $760 [ouch], Giro Fuse $150 [you guys convinced me!] TNF Gortex shell $240[convinced myself ].don't want to add it up. THE SKING PRICELESS!
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New equipment for wife (K2 T Nines/Marker)and son (K2 5500/Marker/Technica)-- $850.

Watching them enjoy skiing more on the new gear--priceless. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I have the kids signed up for a program that allows us to exchange skis/boots/bindings as many time per season or as often as we need until they reach a predetermined size ski and boot. And then the equipment is ours to keep! At the rate my daughter and son are progressing the will outperform the skis and boots available about the time they outgrow the sizes. Its been a real sweetheart deal. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Equipment for me:
Volkl G4 w/Marker 1300 Piston
Volkl P50 Slalom w/Marker 1400 Comp
Technica Icon XT
Marker side-zip pants

Equipment for the Boss:
Volkl Carver Motion w/Marker M10 Motion
Technica Icon XR/DP Hotform

Equipment for Daughter:
Jacket & pants

Equipment for Son:
Jacket & pants

My wife works at one of the on-hill, sit-down restaurants at The Canyons, so we all have a seasons pass. Everybody got new helmets and goggles last year.
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WOW!!! I'd shoot myself from money-spending guilt complex if I spent that much money! How do you do it!?
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1 box Holmenkol wax, $8.00
1 scraper, $2.95

whoa! $10.95!
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As the replys keep comming in, I wonder why people think the ski industry is hurting? From just what is posted here it adds up to a shit load of money.

And, it's only money!

Ski, boots, bindings, poles $800

Parka, Pants and undergarments, $500

Helmet, $100

Skiing 21" of Champagne Powder, PRICELESS [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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I wouldn't take responses from members of this group as representative of the average recreational skier. Replies to this thread represent a highly selected subset -- the lunatic fringe of the skiing population.
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Not very much. If you take out the ski pass, which is cheap here. A pair of gloves out of the sale bin $20.00. Telegear set up, used, $400.00.
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For me it wasn't a usual year. I consider my skis a cheap mid-life crisis (I swear I'll never demo skis again, the temptation is just toooooo great.) For clothes, I wait for sales and buy stuff that will last. My daughter's technical shirt & pants were bought full price because it was -20 at night & she was wearing a race suit. I wanted to make sure she came back alive.
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I've spent far too much considering how much I actually ski.
I'd rather not say how much I spent, but how much I saved waiting for sales, and buying brand new ski's off e-bay.
Over 500 dollars. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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This is my cheapest ski season ever gear wise. Don't believe there is anything including the smallest pocket items, I have bought, zero. But am overdue for a good ski tuneup so that will be maybe $35.

Not only has it been cheap for gear but my cheap season pass this year at a resort with mid fifty buck lift prices has now averaged $17 per day. That is even though the snow to date has a bit less than average (still >300 inches) skiing before mid December was nil, and my total days are accordingly less than usual. Adding to my cheapo mode, as a weekend commuting skier I have spent less than $200 total for lodging (a few Saturday nights) and mainly eating lunch out of my pocket or car supply. The only big hit has been GAS which has probably rolled up about $200-300 worth. -dave
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1 pair AK Rockets $700
1 pair Salomon Equipe 10 2V $Free
Bindings for 2V $135
Ski Bag $60
Wax $50
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188 G4's w/rossi Axial 120 --- $340
Lange L 10 --- $300
smith goggles --- $ 35

This may not sound like much but I am a Jobless 16 year old it has been quite a big year. No more bank account.
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