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Sierra At Tahoe / Northstar Double Whammy Group Pass

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I'd like to see if we can put together a group of 15 to get the group pass. This is an unlimited pass for Sierra and good at NorthStar except blackout days. The price is $479 and includes Vertical Plus. If you want to join the group, just reply below with the number of passes wanted. If it looks like we can for a group, well make arrangements to make it happen.

  • Two resorts, one low price. Ski/ride Northstar® Resort and Sierraâ„¢ Resort with one season pass!
  • Group passes include Vertical Plus Membership. Enjoy the benefits of our frequent skier program that gives you access to special lift lines and allows you to earn vertical feet exchangeable for prizes.
  • Group passes are valid any day at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort (excluding holiday blackout dates) and any day at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort without restrictions.
The Group Season Pass is not available for purchase online.
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Me and a coworker (and maybe her BF) are interested. That's 1-3 passes. Will talk to her at lunch today.
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Well its a start.
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Cirque , you gotta fix the typo in your op, 3rd sentence, before I can even stopto post up.
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What, you don't want a vertical Pus pass?
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Waitaminute, are there no steeps at Northstar?

(I was checking out 3Dskimaps.com)

How about Sierra-at-Tahoe?
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Steeps: Sierra has some really interesting side-country through the gates and into North Bowl. I really can't say much more about it on line. Have a receiver/shovel/probe?

NorthStar's Lookout Mountain has good challenges and no lines. No cliff hucks in there, but I'm not really looking for that anyway.
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Originally Posted by DtEW View Post
Waitaminute, are there no steeps at Northstar?

Originally Posted by DtEW View Post
How about Sierra-at-Tahoe?

The only good thing about Flatstar and Sierra is they are very popular and they get rid of a lot of people that would otherwise crowd the good hills.
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thefrush is right. Don't add to the crowds. Don't ski.
Everywhere in Tahoe has it's own flavor, it's own coolness, it's own secrets. Looks like you are a tad late for the Tahoe six pack. You will have fun skiing most all of them. A ski pass to somewhere you can get to does tend to make you want to get the most for your money, or enables you to ski if you aren't flush with cash that week.

Cirque, ahh, uh, since I was off skiing when the April 30 cheapest date went by, you can put me on your list for 1 double whammy pass. If they'll take my $50.00 coupon for the vert. PLUS even better. Price change date is Sept 30 & my internet is unreliable, so, Sept 27 end date for this thread would work for me. (gotta get my pass by 9/30).
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I've done this before. Your coupon is good. We need more people before Sept 30. I'm going to pull the plug then and buy a pass if we don't have the 15 for a group.

I'll buy you a beer this year.
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I'll happily drink that beer with ya. You do know about the Thurs. wine tastings right ? Local wineries after the first of the year. They often bring food with their wines.

The vertical plus coming with the group pass is a great bonus. For anyone who's never had a pass at Northstar or Sierra, this is their way of really paying back the loyal passholder. Just a couple nice things-We load a food/beverage card for whatever amount we want for the month or so, Boothcreek adds 20% more onto the card with a smile. You rack up points each time you ski (lots of points) or for every dollar you spend. They send you food certificates each month, and there is a decent choice in how to spend your awards. I've got 6 hrs worth of private lessons (Instructor of my choice at either mountain), nearly front door parking at Sierra for this year (carpool anyone ? I've got the parking pass) and a couple hundred dollars in food/beverage credit (need that w/the kid). Paid for my pass last year many times over, but, I did have to ski alot to get all those points. Like I wasn't going to anyhow?

And, ah well, not telling that little tid bit yet.
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Any more takers?
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1 week until deadline for anyone interested.
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are you guys familiar with SKi_pal yahoo newsgroup . you will find takers there. I found this posting there.

I'm forming a group to get the special group discounted double whammy
pass (normally $598, discounted to $479). Pass is good everyday of
the 2008-2009 ski season at Sierra-at-Tahoe. At Northstar they
blackout total 12 days during the thansgiving, xmas/new years, MLK,
and Pres. holidays. The group must have a minumim of 15 people to get
the discount, our group already has 16 members, so
anyone joining will be guaranteed a pass. I'm opening up the group to
additional members so you can get in on the deal. I set up a website
with all the info so I dont have to repeat it in this posting, goto

I must have your checks by Oct. 15 to bring to the resort so they can
process your passes in time for the first snow. Email me at david
_AT_ skicabin.net or call my cell phone (408) 316-8924. I also
arranged for additional discounts on lift tickets, free ski/snowboard
magazine subscriptions, and other goodies for our group. Check the
website for more details.

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