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problems with the site

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I have a problem with posting. I can't change the fonts: When I click on the arrow, the box is UNDER the window I'm typing in...on this post. On the joke I just posted, I get nothing dropping down at all.

I can't choose another size, color, etc at all.

Above, the search windows are only half there, with the letters 'submerged, both the Google custom search and the Search the Forums boxes.

Is this just my problem, or is everyone having this issue. I don't know where to go to reset this stuff if the problem is mine.
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I mentioned it about two weeks ago. It was either in the ads on the left or other style choices for supporters thread. I assumed they are working on it, or that it was just me??

Ah yes, here it is..
Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Is anybody else having problems with font size, font style, or font color tools in the 2008 style view? It's like those are disabled for some reason.. Switch over to the old set up and they work fine.
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I'll see if I can get in touch with Doug, unless bonni wants to walk a few blocks and ask him whats up.
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I'm not seeing it. Can you post a screen shot?
Note editor shows font controls and search bar.

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Clicking font color does nothing, clicking the size arrow does this. see the sizes half obscurred at the bottom of the photo?
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Update. I can use the tool in FireFox, just not in I.E. windows OS..

see diffferent!

But FireFox sux for copying photos off the internet
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I see the problem in IE and not in Firefox. Weird.

We have the right guy for the job. PM sent

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That's what I have, cr.

I could walk over, but we're closing on our house today. I'd rather do that.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

But FireFox sux for copying photos off the internet
Ain't that the truth.
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not allowed to report spam
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
not allowed to report spam
I think I got him for you!
He had 14 posts in a few short minutes! How do they do that!?
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Thanks trek. I thought I was seeing things earlier.

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dcneiner sent me a PM he was out, but will look at this today.

Keep the faith

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I had been meaning to post on that problem with color and font size but:

1. I kept forgetting

2. I figured it was me

3. I wasn't in the mood to piss and moan (a rare moment)

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