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Winnebago parking roolz...

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Does anyone know of any specific rules for overnight parking on the mountains? Obviously bringing your own slopeside lodging is not preferrred from a management standpoint but I've never ran into a problem- but one person I was talking to the other day was sure "you can't do that!"... Is he right or does anyone care?
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It varies with resort. I know a guy that does a couple of months every year.
Canada has a lot more options for RV parking at resorts. Renting an RV in Calgary and dropping in Vancouver makes a killer trip.
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Big White used to have an RV park at the resort. Dropped that, but still charged people to park overnight, with no amenities. That didn't go over well.

Baker has some quasi-designated parking areas. Sort of. There, the only rule is if you get snowed in, you get to dig yourself out.
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As long as youre not on the US Ski team you should be ok
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I wouldn't want to take my land barge up the ski road in the first place. I couldn't imagine the lineup of cranky skiers lined behind me for miles either.
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