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After getting back into shape a couple of years ago I rediscovered my passion for skiing and was looking into picking up a pair of skis. I live on the East Coast so expertise is hard to find! I would characterize myself as a component skier, perhaps adv. intermediate or maybe a hair better. I do feel I've been steadily improving so I definitely wanted to buy something that I would not 'grow' out of yet not hamper my progression if possible. I'm moderately aggressive but I haven't done a lot of off piste exploration yet. I definitely enjoy the faster speeds and that makes it somewhat off a challenge as despite being in decent shape I'm pretty tall (6'3'') and large (210 lbs). I ski regular out west (I have family in Boulder) but also near home in West Virginia and North Carolina.

I had been looking into a pair of Salomon Tornadoes. I closest I've come to demoing them is a pair of K2 Apache Recons on last season's Utah trip (I understand the recons are a similar but slightly inferior ski to the tornado) and I enjoyed them immensely. I didn't want something get something overly stiff but I do realize I need to get something to hold my size up effectively at higher speed.

I wanted to get some feedback if possible and perhaps other suggestions if you all have perhaps better skis in mind. While I skied a great deal as a kid I've only about two years back into it so I'm trying to catch up on the equipment changes. Thanks for the help!

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You might want to give a look to the Nordica Hot Rod Afterburners, I believe they are an 84mm waist, would allow you to go off piste occasionally, will do fairly well in fresh snow, they carve decently on groomed, and give you some stability at speed.. I don't think they've changed all that much the last couple years so you should be able to find some good deals on them.. you shouldn't outgrow them.. There's others but this one comes to mind immediately.
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you'll want something fatter for out west. unless you plan on sticking to groomers, in which case there's no reason to go out west.
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Originally Posted by epl View Post
you'll want something fatter for out west. unless you plan on sticking to groomers, in which case there's no reason to go out west.
This works better - "unless you plan on sticking to ICY groomers......"
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I would get an all mountain ski that can still hold well on hard snow / ice. Something with a waist width of 76-84mm should work great for you. Be careful not to buy skis that are too short for your size or you will 'outgrow' them quickly. You should be able to find a good selection of longer skis left over from 2008 which you can pick up for a good price. The mid/average lengths sell out faster.

Brands that have all mountain skis that also ski hard snow well are:

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I've found Fischer AMC 76, now known as Fuse 76 to be a great allround do it all ski for groomed, bumps, trees and powder under 18". They are IMO way underrated and can be had cheep in last years model. They also go up to 184 in length which is a plus.
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I own a pair of 2006 Volkl AC4 in 184cm

which I would recommend for you if you want skis you will not
grow out of and at the same time enjoying the challenge of growing into them. You are able to go hard out both on and off
trail with these skis. They are not mogal friendly but will still get
you down a mogal run. For 2008 they are called AC50.
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Head iM88...they are good for all but the deepest pow and can still carve like a race ski. Stiff construction can handle your size, made for going fast...a one ski quiver if there ever was one. Just picked up a pair myself for these same reasons.
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