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The Guns are Firing

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Cooper Mountain fired up its snowmaking guns Thursday night. Snowmaking began on the Copperopolis trail as preparations began for opening to the public on Novemeber 1. It has been in the 20's here at 9,400 ft. on recent nights.

Here is a link to the story in the Summit Daily.


Got my ski school schedule the same day and ordered my new boots that night. The aspens should be glorious this next week. Winter in very near. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Now all I have to do is play as much golf as possible between now and the Breckenridge Golf Course closing on October 12th. Then it is sliding time!!!
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Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup Shuddup.

Just had my LAST days skiing for our season yesterday - ****ing fantastic day. Blue skies, fast corduroy in the morning, anything middle of the day and the melted ice of the morning in the afternoon. No gloves, no beanie, just T-Shirts and ski's on. Burnt to a crisp under the bloody sunshine . Spring skiing at it's enviable peak.
On the other hand, I unfortunately don't have the resources to do another season in the Northern Hemisphere after last seasons budget destroying effort. Fortunately this season in Oz kicked!

To all my ski brother's in the north - keep me jealous with constant streaming photos and reports and have a totally wicked season! I know I have. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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From what I understand Tenney Mountain in New Hampshire fired up their new snowmaking system on the 16th. They are shooting for an October 1st opening. It's supposed to be able to make snow at warmer temperatures, time will tell.
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Let Indian Summer be, it was 74F today in Blue River and the fish were rising.
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Oz I can't believe you're letting it go.

There is at least this weekend if not one more.


Milk it to the end. OK it might be rained out crud with sleet on top... but ski it!

Where do you ski?
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PB. Did last weekend. Sunday moring was buckets of rain and has continued all week. Beleive me, it's over. And no Northern season this year. Gonna go prepare a rope and write a short letter.
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