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TR: Trekchick's Trek ~ The Mighty Mac!!!

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To begin this story, let me say, it was my baby sister Brandi who first said, "lets walk the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor day". It seemed impossible because Labor Day Weekend (Known to our family as Harvest Festival Weekend) has traditionally been a huge family time for us. My dad always has a trophy winning parade entry, for which he relies on us girls to inject some character. ( I have the pics of me in a burlap dress to prove it)

This year was THE year to ditch the traditions and walk the Mighty Mack.
When we began the trip we had to decide..........who's turn is it to be the evil one?

The Mackinaw Bridge holds a lot of good vibe for me as I recall family vacations from my childhood. More than anything, the Bridge is a treasure.

For those of you who don't know:
The Mackinaw Bridge connects the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
Construction began May 1954.
It was opened to traffic Nov 1, 1957.
Cost $99,880,000.00
There are two main cables which are 24.5 inches in diameter.:
I have many other facts in my shabby little brain that I'd love to share, but I'll spare you unless you really want to know.

There are many things that make me feel very small, one is the East Wall at Abasin, another is the Mackinaw Bridge.

When we arrived to make the walk(5 miles on the bridge, then another 3 to the busses that bring you back to your car) the vibe was sort of amazing. The southbound lanes of the bridge were turned into north and south bound for the duration of the walk time.
The Northbound lanes were filled with walkers!

This is the point where we were on the bridge and off of the approach

This is the point where you can see both towers in the view!

I was surprised to see so many small children on the walk, thinking that the trek may be a bit much, but they were doing it and having fun.
This little girl was fascinated with the expansion joint.

The Bridge has metal grating for the center lanes, as well as the shoulders, which was put in place to save weight and allow for drainage. You can see this in one of the pictures above.
If you're afraid of heights, it is a good idea to NOT look into the grate

I really loved doing this with my sisters, whom I love and adore!

Something that stands out about walking the Mac is that I had an opportunity to see stuff that you can't see when you are in a car, and I was able to embrace its majesty, and show it, its due respect.

Majestic, eh?

It was truly an experience I embraced and am happy to share.

It took us 1 1/2 hrs to finish the 5 mile walk, much of which was spent taking pics
But as always, all good things must come to an end..........

Thanks for readin!

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1. Pics don't work

2. I thought you bought a Mac.
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Fixed 'em, eh?
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Great pictures!!!!!

There are definitely some awesome views from up there, especially from the island. Tho I have never done the walk across the bridge. I believe you have inspired me to try next year.

Thx again for the pic's
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I love that bridge. Crossing it, going north of course, represents more than just going over a body of water. For me it is going to someplace more wild and remote and separate in both time and place. Probably the fact that I was always on vacation and into the wilds had something to do with that, but the UP really is a different place.

Anyway, thanks for the pics and for the fond memory's of a place I really love.
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Great stuff: thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for reading.
Dean, if you make your way up here, let me know. I'd love to hook up with you.

RoadRash, you are sooooooooooo right. Approaching the bridge brings a vibe that you're entering a different world, eh?
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Thanks for the pics. I assume it wasn't too windy and you weren't traveling too fast....

[quote]Don't worry about safety. If you stay within the speed limit 45 mph in good weather) and obey special weather-related instructions on the lighted display board, you'll be fine. In the few cases of cars going over the guard rail and plunging into the lake, drivers were speeding. One was ruled a suicide; the other involved a tiny Yugo automobile going too fast in very bad weather.[/ quote]

Here's the site that came from
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It was sort of breezy, which was great for the temps of the day, but I slowed my pace so that I wouldn't go air born. Thanks for the concern
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I remember telling my daughter, who was three or four at the time, about the Yugo exiting the bridge mid span in a high wind. She didn't enjoy our trip over the bridge at all, worrying we would follow the Yugo.
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We have been there (a while ago) and as I recall a very beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the summer pics with the ski crowd.
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