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Oak Mt - Speculator, NY ?

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Was up in the dax camping this past week. Met up with a guy who said he heard from someone's best friend's brother's sister that there were good MTB trails at Oak Hill ski area just east of Speculator.

First impression -- is Oak Hill still an operating ski area? Looked really run down and poorly maintained...maybe that's just the way it looks in the summer.

Second impression -- must be nobody really rides the trails much, cause we had a tough time even finding them. Climbed the ski trail on far mt right looking uphill (to the right of the quad -- what, this place has a quad?) and just climbed and climbed through thigh high weeds, never found the promised singletrack. Bombed back down and headed to the other side of the hill. Found some singletrack, but ended up in a swamp, bushwacking with the bikes on our shoulders. Interesting outing.

On a pretty unrelated note -- rode the rail trail by the Lehigh River (Whitehaven to Rockport) with the kids this past weekend. Never rode it before...usually in a boat on the river...was fun, but hella crowded. Highlight of the trip was seeing the guy catch a Timber rattler that was lying a foot off the trail -- why he decided to catch it I have no idea, but it warn't happy about being caught. And seeing the Northern Water Snake swallowing a six inch trout halfway up a waterfall was pretty cool too.
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oops...not Oak Hill, just Oak Mountain...couldn't edit my post to correct.
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