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Sniagrab (how depressing)

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Getting reading for Ski/Snowboard season in Colorado. Looked around at a bunch of the sales in Denver and Summit county.

Ski-Rex seemed like they had some decent deals.

A few places up in Breck and Christy Tent Sale up in Dillon had some really good deals. 50% off-70% off. Got a few pairs of gloves/mittens for my son for $7. Almost bought some 07-08 demo skis for $200-300.

Even got some good deals on REI.COM on their super clearance sales. Nordica Supercharger Ski Boots for my son for $75.

Sniagrab was the most disappointing. It has been steadily getting worse the last few years (since Gart Sports sold out), but this year was just ridiculous. Almost all middle/low to low-end junk (Ski and Snowboard). Anything worth buying was either not marked down at all or only marked down slightly. I looked at some swany gloves. They were full price. I asked the guy why they were even in the Sniagrab tent. He just shrugged.

I can only assume that either:

-Sports Authority is keeping better inventory control during the year, so they have less stuff to sell
-They are selling last years stuff on the internet/ebay so there is less.

They certainly advertised Sniagrab a lot on television out here.
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I agree completely...

I found Ski-Rex to be the better of the two...

I was in Vail a few weeks ago with my wife and we found the discounts were not very good...

just a couple of years ago we found outstanding deals where ever we the discounts have become mediocre at best...
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They have figured out these sales feed more off of the perception of a deal than the actual deal itself.
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SNIAGRAB tends to suck if you can't get in there first thing on Friday morning with the "VIP" group. "VIP" is a bit of a farse since I think anyone can get a VIP pass just by asking a week or so before the sale.
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maybe all the crap that was floating around has dried up and skis will be sold for what they are worth....sounds good to me...
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Originally Posted by vinn View Post
SNIAGRAB tends to suck if you can't get in there first thing on Friday morning with the "VIP" group. "VIP" is a bit of a farse since I think anyone can get a VIP pass just by asking a week or so before the sale.
I would argue "VIP pass" provides little but some elbow space and s/b otherwise eliminated. I remember back in school when staking out a spot and camping as near first in line as possible meant something. Door’s would eventually open and it was a mad dash to the much sought after item. A few fights here and there while grabbing at the same time to score the limited supply sale item was sometimes necessary to then carry it over you shoulder past those still waiting to get in. That was the stuff of legend…back in the day

Unfortunately we have stopped using our corporate “early entry” Thursday pass along with walking over Johnny Q. Public waiting in the sidewalk line (just not right) only to find inside the cheap commodity level stuff at the downtown castle. If it wasn’t for the gas I’d be driving down our VIP pass and handing them out to the sidewalk crowd…why should they wait?
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I got some Scott poles for my wife. Originally $120, bought them for $40. Pretty good deal.

Other than that, not much to speak for.
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Went to the Sniagrab Boulder. Low quality, high prices. Don't even bother.
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Sniagrap in Dillion was also a miss for me, but I did get a good deal on gloves, etc. at a 70% off at the top of Main in Breck (Alpine, I think).
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There are some great deals on skis and bindings at JH right now. 1/2 price on good Nordica Equipment. Enforcers, Hellcats, Conquers... ect. All new. They must be changing the graphics. I'm not sure if I'm buying gear this year so the deals are still there.
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Yeah i agree the overall quality of sniagrab went way down. last year i got a steal on some boots and goggles. this year stunk in Boise Id. ended up going to greenwoods instead.
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Don't you guys think that with the proliferations of SAC, Tramdock, re-sale on Epic and TGR etc and all the other online vendors that the best stuff is no longer to be had at the Brick and Mortar stores. I can't remember that last pair of skis that I bought at a physical "store". I agree the hype for these sales far outstrips the actual product and the deals to be had.
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... don't forget Mile High Athletic as well!
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Another good thing going down hill. However here in the east we have the "Boston Ski And Sports Expo"......Sniagrab with a Gapergrap twist plus higher parking and entrance fees.
There are good deals if you shop around however.
Last year I found a pair of brand new Rossi FP's which had been never skied for only $199.
The salesman told me they are a great hardpack ski.
As I was pulling out my wallet they were snatched from me.....
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Another thing to consider is that the manufacturers have been keeping a better eye on their production runs. There are fewer deals that they offer the big companies late season because the cost of doing business is getting brutal. The nice thing is that the smaller shops can give some deals without bankrupting themselves but...the big guys will still get better pricing. In general companies like Colorado Ski and Golf (Specialty Sports) and Sports Authority tend to get better pricing up front and late season buy out all the extra inventory.

With less excess inventory available to buy those big guys are forced to buy special presses of skis. Those are skis (Recons, Mantras, AC40s) that are last years skis but because those companies will commit to such large quantities the manufacturers give them a great deal. So if you want one of those skis, there are great deals to be had but there isn't the wide variety of skis available anymore.

Thanks crappy economy!
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