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New boots - now what?

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First, thanks to all on the forum for the helpful insights. I went to a good bootfitter recently and got (what I think is) a good fit.

Someone one said there are no stupid questions, so...My question is, Aside from getting on the slopes, is it worth trying to wear them around the house to break them in, even if only a little? I got mid-range Head boots (90 flex?) with superfeet liners, if that helps.

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not really

60 minutes inside is like 6 minues skiing

plus boots are not made to work be "worn around the house" they are made for skiing.

just ski em, and see what shows up in the first few hours/days. If a problem gets better thru the day ignor, if it gets worse, see your boot fitter
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If you want to wear them around the house, avoid walking in them cause these boots weren't made for walkin! Stand in on spot and flex one boot then the other kinda moving from one foot to the other as this is the closest thing to skiing movements.
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and take care on those nice wooden floors
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