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The European

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Back during the '90s, while I was living in France, I used to read a fun English-language newspaper called "The European."
Once back in Italy I couldn't find if anywhere. I kept looking but only recently, thanks to the 'net, I've discovered its fate... it closed in 1998.
There was a "jokes" section which I loved. I'll post some that I managed to save...
Anyway, the ad I've found on Youtube it's fun in a "bygone times" way.
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Here's one (Dutches and Germans don't love each other much, like most "cousins" do) :
One day an 80-year-old Dutchman presented himself at the University of Leyden to learn Latin.
The professor asked:"Why do you want to learn Latin at your age?".
"That's just it," the old man replied, "I'm going to die soon and when I get to heaven I want to be able to speak to Gabriel and the other Angels, and they only speak Latin".
"But what happens if you find yourself in the other place instead," asked the professor.
"Oh, that's no problem," answered the old man, "I already speak German".
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Oh! Please to be thanking you!

Believe me, that one will be put to good use!
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Pleasure is all mine! eheheheh
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Already told my wife. We thank thee.
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