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please help me pick

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Ok- I grew up racing at Sugarloaf in Maine, have been on skis my whole life, but recently moved out west to the rockies. I'd like to capitlize on some of the 07-08 closeouts, but I'm not sure what to get.. here's what I've narrowed it down to..

The 82 mill underfoot skis
Elan Magfire 14
Volkl AC40
Fisher Cold Heat RF

or I could go with the 88 mil underfoot, but I'm worried it might be too hard a transition coming from a on groom race ski to such a wide ski--
I'm looking at the
Head monster 88
Elan M888
Dystar Mythic Rider

-- Which direction should I go, and which ski should I get- Any help would be greatly appreciated..oh, I'm 6 foot 190 can ski anything- thanks, Ski Confused
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I don't have any experience with the skis you're looking at, but can tell you that I went from 69mm old Bandit X's to 94mm Fischer Watea's. The transition was far easier than I anticipated, so I don't think you'll have any problem with the 88mm skis. 6mm is not as big of a difference as you might think. I ended up going way wider than I'd anticipated, because I liked the way they skied, and didn't present me with any issues due to the extra width.

It would help others who have more experience with the skis you're considering to know where exactly you moved to and what types of terrain you like to ski (I know you said you can ski anything, but what do you *want* to ski).
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thanks- it's good to know you transitioned ok.. I moved to Aspen, and I like to ski steeps, bowls, and trees--thanks for your help.
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Why not look at the Head iM82?
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If you want to keep a race like feel, have a serious look at the Head Monster 88. It's built with very similar construction to their race skis, and in longer lengths skis a lot like a GS ski. The 82 has a similar feel, but the 88 might be a better choice, a little more floatation.
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