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Do you live in Salt Lake City?

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How is it living there? I'm thinking about moving there from San Francisco. I am not religious. Would this be a problem? Would it be difficult to meet friends? I know the ski scene is great but when it ends, is it still fun to live there? :

Any input would help.

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[quote]Originally posted by wmgirl:
[QB]How is it living there? I'm thinking about moving there from San Francisco. I am not religious. Would this be a problem? Would it be difficult to meet friends? I know the ski scene is great but when it ends, is it still fun to live there? :

Any input would help.

WM- why is that you're leaving San Francisco? Hopefully it's not because Tahoe wasn't god enough for you. I just moved here and can't wait to ski Northern California's finest on a weekly basis. My only problem is I don't know anyone out here... have to find all the good spots on my own.
BTW- I've had a great time with the night life in SLC... You'll have to look a little harder, but there's certainly a bunch of cool cats in UT enjoying the snow, not the religion.

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We moved here five years ago and love it. We're also not religious (or at least not members of the prominent local religion).

To be honest, there are some downsides. Politics in Utah are somewhat strange. The Church tries very hard to exert control (or influence) on many aspects of life in the state. And, I have talked with some single women who feel it's "more difficult" to meet single men here.

The plus side is nearly endless. Within an easy drive (in some cases about five minutes) is more outdoor recreation of every imagineable kind than you could ever shake a stick at. Skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, boating, fishing, camping, etc. etc.

It's simply a beautiful state with spectacular high mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes, streams, and forests. The freeway system in Salt Lake City is great (finally), and there are numerous cultural and sporting events to choose from.

If you like the outdoors, you can't beat it. If you move here and want to meet people with similar interests, join the Wasatch Mountain Club and participate in some of their outings.

Have fun,

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Wm Girl,

First I don't live right in Salt Lake City.I am sure that others here can fill you in with more details on life in The Valley.I live in Park City about 30 mins. east of Salt Lake City. I will say this about SLC It has a lot to offer.It is getting better all the time.There are some great places to dine and yes SLC has a night life.And no they do not roll up the side walks after 9 P.M.Sure there are some funny liquor laws here,but that has never stopped me from getting a drink.Utah is a great place to live.If you need city life.Culture, Arts ect...' but love the mountains and outdoors,This is the Place.I moved here about 6 years ago from California and have not regreted it at all.
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Thanks for the input everyone.

JBM: Tahoe is awesome! I'm a Squaw snob and absolutely love it there. But, I've only skied 3 seasons and they were all in Tahoe. I need to venture out. With the economy the way it is and the sickening housing prices in S.F., SLC is attractive to me because it is much much less expensive. Maybe I could buy a house there where here I could never afford it. Also, the drive to Tahoe and back every weekend can get old. It's fun though. However, if you've never been, be sure to go to Squaw and Kirkwood. You're sure to love them both. Oh, and, there just aren't many single straight guys here. Such a bummer!
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I have been here for 14 years, moved from Eastern Idaho, which was heavly influanced by Northern Utah. I have learned to deal with it here. I would not raise school age kids here.
Bob speaks for me, there are lots of things to do, see visit, try. Great bars, AWESOME resturants. The mountains are out your back door, if you drive more than an hour to recreate, then you drove to far
It is far cheaper to live in SLC vs Park City. Sure you can live there if your into roomates, or working 4 jobs.
So come on out here. I think you would like it, for most part.
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Thanks TR@DV.

I don't have kids and probably won't be having any. It's snow and mountains that are important to me. The thing I love about SLC is the fact that you have the city life and the mountains all in one. Gotta love that!


Is it winter yet??
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SLC rox.

any time of year.

I was in CO for six years & had to come back.

"Politics in Utah are somewhat strange"
not strange just concervative & republican.

any friends who have a prob meeting single men do not ski enuff.

I live Down town & love it. what do you really want to know?

come on A "site tour" i can show you 85 reasons to live here.
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SlC's pace is a little slower, there are no traffic jams and you've got to hunt for culture..but it's getting more diverse all the time; We live in the Avenues, a victorian neighborhood and a hot bed of bleeding heart libralism, pagans, and various nonmajority religions, creeds , lifestyles, and love it; I can see the mouth of Little Cottonwood from my upstairs window, and yes, there is snow on them peaks! when I'm missing the big city, the airport is handy and really easy to get in and out from.Park City's pretty great too.That's next for me.. also I really learned how to ski when I moved here. R :
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Is SLC still dog-unfriendly? My furry friends were not welcome at too many parks or up in the LCC 10 years ago.
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You liked SLC better than CO? That's good to hear.

What I really want to know is will I be in complete culture shock and have a hard time meeting non-LDS friends and guys to hang with? Will I be able to still find a cool pair of shoes there and eat at GOOD sushi and Thai food places. I live for skiing, but let's face it you can only ski so many months out of the year (unless you travel a lot.)

Would love a tour. I'll be there Jan. 19 - Feb. 24th to visit my best friend (who just moved there 2 weeks ago) and SKI for 5 weeks!! But if I get laid off from my job this month, I may move there.

Rubob: I was in SLC for one day 2 weeks ago helping my friend look for a place to live. We were looking in the Avenues. That's pretty much why I fell in love with the place. I love the houses there and then, of course, to be able to look out at the mountains. OH MY! Gotta love that!

Thanks for the feedback everyone! See you on the slopes!
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Can't see the mountains today, they're socked in.. that only means one thing; snow. gotta get some more firewood. And we're really up to our butts in dogs; the leash laws are probably the same as everywhere else, but we let the dogs go on most hiking trails, except for watersheds; I always keep leashes handy for people who are afraid of dogs {I have German Shepards} or when mountainbikers come by.. It's tough to rent with pets in Utah,even cats, which is wierd, but that's Utah. It's a good time to buy houses right now, especially if you're coming from the coasts.
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wmgirl. I do not live in Utah, so I do not have the perspective of a local, but it is part of my territory for work. I used to go about once a month for years. Have not been going hardly at all due to the fact that I found trying to do business in Utah extremely difficult. Not sure if it is because I am an outsider, non-Mormon, a woman or they just plain do not like me. For whatever reason I feel uncomfortable in Salt Lake. Now Park City is all together different.

While on vacation I did meet some people from Salt Lake they too lived in the Avenues and thought it was the best place for them. They were also non-Mormon. I agree that the Avenues look like a great place to live. They did comment that the prices had gotten much higher, but compared to similar neighborhoods in Denver it seemed pretty affordable to me. I am sure it will seem cheap by San Francisco standards.

Whatever you decide good luck.
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It's totally okay if you can't see the mountains for that reason. The only thing better than seeing them, is sliding on them! WOO HOO! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!
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I move to slc in 96. Great place - got a few good job offers in Denver (my hometown) a while back but decided to stay in Utah. You can't beat SLC for working a normal job and being soooo close to the goods.

We've got 2 kids too - so far so good - no problems with the local majority.
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I have to agree with wmgirl. My wife and I moved here 20 years ago, from N. Calif. If it wasn't for Little Cottonwood Canyon, we would have moved back. We ski the canyon in the Winter & Hike it in the Summer. In fact the day is coming when I will get to the top on my bike. SLC is a great place, you are close to alot of activities. You have to get use to the liquor laws (which are changing). And you have to get use to alot of the members of the Predominate Religion. But, most don't ski, only 7 to 10 precent of the locals ski. The skiing and the biking make up for any problems with locals. Just don't move to Provo, it is actually the most conservitive city in the world. If you move out here, maybe we will see each other on the slopes. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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