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Hey Fox...

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How was whistler?
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OK, I was trying to post a photo here, but give me a few more minutes.


[ December 14, 2002, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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not fox, but I was there.

I would say two fun days out of 6 on snow. And fun was only in relation to how bad it was the other 4 days.

Day 1.
High speed carves on the glacier (Horstman). Sunny, but the sun doesn't reach here at this time of year. Had fun getting used to the G4's again.
Day 2.
Repeat of day 1.
Day 3.
Repeat of day 1 and 2, But worse light.
Day 4.
Fun now. I was 1st down the glacier, about 6-8" of fresh stuff, so it was pretty good. Visibility was interesting most of the day. I like it since I get to practice not knowing what I'm skiing on. 'Feel the force Luke'
Day 5.
A bit more new snow. I had as much fun as day 4. High winds making a nice smooth surface. I felt vis was pretty good. Skied until they threw me off the t-bar. It snowed right down to the village. Real pretty. Excited about tomorrow.
Day 6.
Woke up to find that yesterday's snow had turned to rain at around 8pm (up to above where we could ski). High winds meant the alpine was closed on Blackcomb. Snow line somewhere around upper 3rd of Jersey Cream, meaning skiing in the rain. Did about 5 runs, then bagged it. Snow level did drop. When I left it was somewhere around midway up Solar Coaster.
Day 7.
Back to Vancouver.

I'm back there next month, which looks promising as it looks like the weather pattern has finally changed. Strong onshore flow bringing pacific storms.
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The lift lines were quite bad on the glacier...

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Snow certainly fell...

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