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As the season approaches... (bumps MA, please)

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... I begin to think about technique. I will likely be on the bumps more than 100 days this season, and it's time to start thinking. I would like some serious MA from the following videos. I'm looking for comments, opinions, suggestions based on the fact that my technique goal is skiing with the fluidity, speed, and style of World Cup level skiers. A long shot, but hey... I'm young! Plenty of time to master the bumps.

Vid 1: Mogulskiing.net Bumpapalooza 2008 trip to Mary Jane (vid was posted in TR earlier, but not for MA). I'm Patrick. I'm wearing the mogulskiing.net coat, and a helmet (says Sugarbush):

Vid 2: Just a little on-campus fun at Colorado Mountain College in April '08 (again, I'm Patrick):

Things I've noticed that I need to work on:

*Hips more forward
*Less swaying in the torso (quieter)
*Hands out in front a little more, elbows out a little more, smoother plants in more of a wrist-flick motion
*Could always keep the head up a little higher

Any help would be appreciated. I may have a couple more vids later. I'll be posting this on several forums, so if I find anything fascinating elsewhere, I'll update you here as well.

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First we have to acknowledge that many people would kill to be able to ski moguls with this much speed, confidence and smoothness. If your goal is to get to World Cup level, have you considered hiring a coach? I'm not good enough for this.

There's not a whole lot of video to base an opinion on. My first recommendation was to go look at Marco Hoffstetter's site, but there's nothing there right now. I copied 48MB of pro mogul clips off that site. For the right bribe I could burn em. The second thing I'd recommend is investing in video software where you can view clips side by side (V1 Home is free, the premium version [$40] has split screen but can't play clips in synch). In your first clip you can view your skiing at time code 10:03 (frame 6339/15310) with the guy in the white pants (Bryan?) at time code 22:00 (frame 13774) going through the same trail section. When you can compare two skiers side by side it's much easier to see things to like and things to work on.

I did see a couple of spots where your pole touches pop your hands vertically. Although you can see some vertical movement in pro technique, there's a touch more wrist action to pull through the pole touch where your poles tend to pull the wrists closed when you wrist flick. There are also some spots where your touches are late. Some pro mogul skiers also go with shorter poles.

At this level of mogul skiing, what we typically ask for is "MORE!" You bend a little too much at the waist and not enough at the ankles and knees (I think this is the same as you want to get your hips more forward). I'd also like to see more turns versus just following the rut line. When you ski steeper lines and compare turns, I think you'll find that more skilled bumpers can get their skis across the fall line quicker than you can and they can also get their feet further out from underneath their body than you do but I have to note that most of what I see is appropriate lateral movement. I would like to see the torso take a straighter line down the fall line, but you are pretty straight already (this goes with not staying in the rut as much). So the big things we're going to look for at the next level are faster speed, more turns, more knee movement higher to the chest and more feet movement both laterally away from the body and rotationally to get the skis across the fall line.
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Great skiing Patrik. What therusty said, and yes, find a coach. The guy in the white pants look like the pro so have him coach you. Dont expect to get much usefull feedback since you are way over the averidge bump skiing level here at epic. Search for bump skiing threads in the archives and try to get in contact with the pros that lurk in here somewhere.
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No MA to give but you sure got my heart pounding for the upcomming season.

Looking at those powder bumps at the Jane have me drooling.

Thanks BMM
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My pleasure, Lars!

Thanks to all for the comments thus far.

I would like to have a coach, but I don't have the time nor the funds. I'm too deep into the ski industry (not to mention enthralled by it) at this point to consider high level ski competition. I just want to ski on that level
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There are ways to get less than formal coaching for less than big $$$, especially if you are deep in the industry. At a minimum, it is just a matter of finding the right people to "hang with" and hanging with them on a consistent basis. Depending on how "deep" you are, finding a coach is a matter of networking and negotiating an off the books arrangement (e.g. beers, favors, sponsors). Remember, at your level, you don't necessarily need a coach who can bump better than you can. You're looking for someone with knowledge and an eye who can both answer your questions and give you new questions to ask yourself.
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