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Swimming Holes in the US

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Guide to Swimming Holes and Hot Springs

Great web site. Growing up in the Catskills there were plenty of swimming holes. Of course the best ones were on private no trespassing land, which did make on this web site list. That said, there are some great swimming holes listed on this web site.

My personal opinion. their safety comment is worth reading.
A swimming hole that is safe at low flows may be unsafe at high flows.

My personal comment:
A heavy warm summer rain can provide a lot of fun getting thrown around by high flow water. Dangerous as hell but a lot of fun. Know your limits.
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Whoa, don't jump in if it's too warm. There are now micro organisms that swim up your nose and infect your brain. No known cure, you're dead in a week if you get one.


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Here in New Hampshire we are blessed with an abundance of great swimming holes. You must,however, discover them for yourself.
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Here are a few shots from one of my favorite swimming holes. A friend e-mailed these to me. "Don't try this at Home."



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The new photo/thread poster/editor stinks.


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