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Winter is here, first day on skis

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I skied my first day today and it was like heaven, all 200 vertical feet of it.
I made about 22 runs. Conditions were wonderful; ice and death cookies. I felt like I was nearly back to where I was at the end of last season after 10 runs or so.
That shoulder surgery I had last spring really took the snot out of me though. Its a good thing that I ski as well as I do, I could never learn as weak as I am now. I was able to ski reaching short turns and dynamic rebound turns but when I fell over in the lift line I had a very difficult time getting back up. Putting on my ski boots was difficult but not as painful as last year. I think the shoulder surgery was a success. I was in a lot of pain doing that last year.
I need an easy exercize routine to rebuild strength. Skiing alone isn't going to do it.
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Hi Pierre, glad you made it out OK. I almost went, but then decided with just a couple of slopes open and high temps predicted about 20 degrees, I'll give them time until next week to get the whole area open.

A lot less chance to get run over by kids who got their snowboard for Christmas, though I just found out they are out of school until January 7. Bummer...

Were you at Brandywine or BM? And were there lessons already?

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Ott to tell you the truth I was at Brandywine from about 3:00PM until around 5:30 and the place was empty. There were no really poor dangerous skiers about and the snow conditions were not that bad.
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I had a half-frozen and weakened shoulder system after a fracture-dislocation and the resulting six weeks spent with the arm tied to my belly, Pierre, eh! One of the best exercises for me was passing an old pair of pantyhose over a bar (like in a doorway) and sitting below that using the good arm to pull on one end of the pantyhose while holding onto the other end with the weaker arm's hand to exercise with the arm mostly above the shoulder. A cable-and-pulley exerciser where you can vary the weight helped a lot with rebuilding strength where you pull and push with the arm below the shoulder.

I have a tough time getting up if I fall over in the liftline too, but that's because I'm old and fat, not because of weak limbs :~).
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Pierre eh,

Skied today too!! Yes, I was heaven. I put about 5 hours on the slopes sporting the new jacket and even got my shadows in. Start beginner intro's on Friday.

It took awhile to get the rust out but I was turning them pretty well by the end of the night. BM will be completely open by Friday!! The snow making crews and groomers are doing a great job.

Where are you going to be Friday afternoon? Can I buy you a non-alcoholic, non-corn syrup, or artificially sweetened beverage? Ah crap let's just make some turns.

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Finally skied first time today. We had about mid 20's with lots of sun, and decent snow, considering that most of it was machine made since X mas day. At about 12:30 pm it got very crowded, but since I was one of the first poeple on the lifts [ 9 am.], I had pleanty of runs done, especialy since MT Holly has a high speed lift. Did some serious lapping.
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I also skied my first day today at Boston Mills and got a bunch r runs in before the HUGE crowd of kids got on the slopes by 1 pm. Conditions were great, soft snow a couple of inches deep over packed.

The interesting thing is that I skied for the first time on my new skis, 170 Atomic BetaRide 11.20 and did just great from the first turn. Except...they don't feel any different than my 200 Atomic BetaCarve 9.26 which I've skied for the last couple of seasons and I really tried to see the difference.

So in the near future, as soon as the kids go back to school, I will ski with a 170 on one foot and a 200 on the other, that should tell me if there is any difference.

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Glad to hear that you're doing ok Pierre. I know what you're dealing with and what you went through. Keep the strengthening program going. My first day back on skis was last Wednesday. I was real aprehensive at first, skiing not to fall, and stiff. After a few runs, I began to get my confidence and it all went fine. I still got it! I'm sure you do also. Come on up to H.V. and make some turns with me. That goes for the rest of you flatlanders too.
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Lars, sometime in January, whenever the Wall or the bypass is skiable, we will come up with our RV. I understand that the hookups for RVs are in the parking lot just opposite the Wall chair, so we would like to be able to ski back home.

I'll let you know and maybe we could make some turns...or at least have some manhattens [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Ott, I think we should do that for sure. Pierre and Powdigger too. Sounds like we got more Bears around the Valley too. They are welcome. Keep me posted when you can make it. I'll have some passes ready for yall.
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