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is all hope lost for finding these boots somewhere?

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I have these Kneissl F-Team 2002/2003 ski boots that are absolutely perfect for me, seeing as how i could never find boots that didn't hurt my feet. It's too bad Kneissl stopped making boots because now i have to go on another long never-ending quest to find boots i like.

Does any1 have any clue where i can go to get the plastic heel and toe replacements? Mine are worn down so bad from being a ski instructor for 5 years. i'm losing my mind trying to find them, or even the same boots. Please tell me that the're not lost in limbo.....
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BigSky, I will wait for the pros to provide an answer, but Bud Heishman planed my boots and applied plates, then routed the top of the boot lugs to DIN standard. This essentially gave me not only alignment correction 2-1/2 / 1-1/2 degree, but game my boots a brand new (but slippery) surface. If you do this invest in Cat Tracks.


grinding down the lugs. You can see the black plates under the heel and toe.

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if the boot has plastic heel and toe replacements then planning the boot as above would be difficult if not impossible, post a picture of the boot and the shape of the heel / toe pieces and see what comes of that, i don't remember Kniesel boots other than the flexon that they bought from Raichle.... that was all in the UK though
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Cirquerider is correct. Boot soles can be brought back to like new condition by attaching lift plates to the bottom and back filling the gaps. You can send your boots to our shop and we will return your boot sole to DIN specs.

However, you need to ask yourself, why am I trying to save a boot that is worn out and failed the Darwin test.

Average liner life is about 100 days. Shell life can vary depending on usage, but from your description it sounds like your shells are toast. Since you are teaching others it is important that you pass this kind of information onto the skiers that you are teaching.

With the current crop of boots on the market, replacing yours with a pair that fits and skis better then the Kneissl is bootfitting 101.

All that being said, I would still be willing to save your babies from a certain death. PM me if you are interested.

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Jim is correct, your boot shells COULD be revived but consider also that if the soles are worn that much they probably rock considerably from side to side when placed on a flat surface. If this is the case Jim or whoever would have to plane the sole enough to get a flat area large enough to get a solid interface with the lifter plate and then fill in the voids with an epoxy material. My point here is, your cant angle will more than likely be changed in the process and they will not ski the same. This brings up another argument for replacing your boots, when a boot sole is that worn the interface with the binding is very sloppy and your ability to edge your ski strongly and accurately is greatly diminished and as a ski instructor that is not a good image to portray to your clients.

So I would stick my tootsies in a few new boots and see what you think before dumping more money into a sinking ship!
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Can you help me put some bondo on my Pinto...?
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Now there's a sinking ship!
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