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Funny/Good Ski ads :)

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I saw a pretty funny ski ad just now so thought this might be a fun topic. What's the funniest or best ski ad you've seen?

The one i just saw (might be old) was atomic's:

China is stealing missile technology - Lock the roof rack


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Rossignol's ad last year where the dude was jumping out of the burning building into the fireman's catch-net... throwing a sweet mute-grab.
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Old Atomic (I think) ad..forget the guy's name in the ad...

"Kids these days, all they want is big air. On the Snow is where the real action is. You want big air kid, here pull my finger."
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Paraphrased from a highway billboard I saw in Utah last year:

Ski Brighton -
Proud not to be a sponsor of the 2002 Olympics.
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hehe...that big air one is great.

Some older ones that I liked:

Profiles of balding Phil Mahre facing mohawked Glen Plake. Phil has a KVC Comp on his shoulder and Glen has an Extreme. The caption said "Extremely different." Note that this was before the word "extreme" became the most over-used word in skiing.

Next was another K2 add that showed some crazy guy launching off a huge cliff. "As long as skiers keep pushing the envelope, we'll keep licking the stamps." Again, another over-used phrase now, but I liked it then.

Another good one was one that came out right when shaped skis were taking off. I was a long-ski snob but this ad caught my attention. It said something like "Beginners will carve turns. Intermediates will ski like experts. Experts will ski like gods." LOL!

My fave OT one was an add for a running shoe (Adidas maybe?). It showed a dark, wet, city street and a lone runner and went something like:

I used to think runners were crazy.
When I started running, I figured it was only the ones who got up to run at 5am who were crazy.
When I started that, I figured it was only the ones who ran in the rain that were crazy.
When I started doing that, I knew it was just runners who ran marathons that were crazy.
Now here it is 5am and I'm out training for a marathon in the rain.

And, finally, keeping on the topic of running: A billboard at mile 18 of the LA Marathon: "Right now, you are inspiring someone."
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I think it was atomic that had a guy in a business suit in a tuck on an escalator. I thought that was pretty fun..
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I like the Boeri helmet ads. One is of a mouse wearing a helmet next to a dented mouse trap. The other one is a helmet wearing fly in the middle of a broken fly swatter.
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There is also the Boeri helmeted Praying Mantis with his bride.
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Favorite of all-time:
Hart Skis. Weird DNA. Male Squirrel standing upright, with a photo-retouched, ummm, extra large package.

Other memories:
I Dig Graves.
Chew K2.
The Kastinger Cowboy, in tub with boots on.

Umm, DaMtnRider, it's was...

Olin's Smooth Johnson, Master of the Carve:
"Kids today, all they talk about is big air. I say, stay on the mountain, that's where the action is. If you want big air, pull my finger"

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Thats it! Thanks! You would think after staring at that poster hanging in the back shop for so long I would get it right...Oh well.
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Don’t remember the company but:
"If it was easy it would be called snowboarding"

Also K2 telemark:
"Randonee’: French for I can't tele"
Actually that first statement may have been part of the same ad campaign.

Brighton resort had some hilarious ads a while back "100% Olympic free " got them in some hot water with USOC. I wish I could find some old copy of the others.

didn't ski utah do a billboard along I-70 in CO saying if you were in Utah you would already be skiing now? my memory fails.
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What is the Utah brewery that has the tagline "Utah's other relegion"? It caused a ruckus too.
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For any of you NY Metro area folk:

Does anyone remember the Vernon Valley billboards? With the skier doing the "Long Island Lean"?

The "V" in Vernon were the skis of a skier who was so far in the backseat, poles straight up in the air, looking so out of control. It was surely a fitting promotion for that area. The only ski area I've ever been to where you routinely could watch fights on the hill...Yay!
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ti your right. it was just outside of Denver, no longer there.
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I think it was also a boeri ad that had a dandelion with a helmet next to one that had lost it's fuzz.
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