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WTB: Volkl P20 200cm or longer

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Hi, Prefer SL or RS, but will consider all, if you still have these. What do I use them for, you ask? Everything but extremely funky snow conditions in the trees. I usually average 22-24 (40,000+ vertical) nonstop bump runs per day at Mary Jane. Don't ski the groomers any more since I'd spend too much time on the lifts . . . Thanks, WR
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I have a pair of 207cm Volkl race stock RS Supers barely used (I think they're still in the barn). I really don't think you'd want to ski bumps with these though unless high speed GS turns acrosss the bump crests is your technique. I wouldn't want to have to turn them out of the way of a tree either.
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OK, I'm interested. Don't have any RS Super's yet, and the length is great. Probably not for trees, I agree. I use my P20 SLs in the trees, but they are short at only 200 cm.

Yet, for bumps, they'll be a blast. High speed carving as long as the ruts are not too deep.

Funny, now that mostly everyone else is on short skis, the bumps are much, much nicer to ski now. Guess the width and sidecut of the new skis seems to prevent less experienced people from cutting sideways too fast and chewing up the bumps like they could on the old longboards.

I'm new here, how do we proceed? It's OK for you to send me an email.

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I have a pair of P20 SL in 200cm that have had less than 10 days on snow. Only problem is they are sitting in my garage in the UK!! I will probably be back there in the next couple of months so let me know if you don't get sorted out. Also a matching pair of 205 P20 RS but they have seen a lot more work as they were my everyday ski....
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I'm going to go out on a limb and say...

If all you ski are moguls, why not buy a pair of mogul skis?

Like these?
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Still haven't heard about the RS Supers . . . I can be patient, just as long as they don't get junked.

The P20 SL's would be awesome! No rush, though. Just don't turn them into furniture. I will also consider the RS as well.


As for mogul skis . . .

Actually, all I ski is the hardest terrain I can find. Seems though, unless you have the $$$$ to go via heli or cat, bumps are everywhere (unless its a park or a groomer). I don't ski groomed black runs - seems to be a contradiction to me. Anyway, there are even bumps in the trees (except for a few secret places). Just a realistic fact of life.

Just been skiing for so long, have to find something to still make it a challenge. So, for now, I'm still old school. Still use my 218's, and even take them through the bumps - used to ski Palivichini at A-Basin on them all the time back in the mid 80's. You just have to know what you are doing with them at all times, or else. Have probably gone 70 mph on those, and still have never felt I was going fast. 2000' vertical lasts about 2 minutes - so talk about spending all your time on the lifts. But they are fun.

20 years ago, all the "experts" were on racing skis - that's all there was that would perform. Most of them, however, couldn't turn them, but their egos wanted them to be on the top skis.

Today, I see people on certain skis for the same reason: because they think it's cool to be on them. Just like the racing skis of the past, most of them are really not well suited for the average ski area, and most of the people on those skis really don't belong on them. Not much has really changed.

And, of course, when I get the chance to visit AK or BC, Jackson Hole or Alta/Snowbird, you will see me on appropriate equipment, not antiques.

Hey, best wishes to all. Thank you to all who have read my post and may help me out.

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I would pay $100 for a pair of P20 Volkl skis with no cracks in the edges.  200+ CM



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I would pay $100 for Volkl P20 with no cracked edges, 200CM or longer.



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Hey White Raven,


To use 200+ slalom race skis in the bumps you must be a sick, ignorant, twisted old fool.


I thought I was the only one.


What a coincidence, I also live in Lakewood CO.


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Your post is old, but I'm getting rid of my Volkl P20 SLs, 200cm length with Marker MRR Titanium attached.  Let me know if you're still searching.  The skis are in great shape, not sure about the Markers.





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