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Narrowed down to a few

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i'm finally gonna shell out the hard earned paper for a new pair of skis. i'm certain that i want a fat ski, seeing as how my skinny twigs i'm on now couldn't handle the heavy dumps we had up at hood last year. i'm also going to most likely go w/ some twin tips just so i can toy around in the park a little should i feel the need...anyways, i've got my choices narrowed down to these

Atomic R:Ex -- not twin tips but i demoed the 10ex last year and loved em
Pocket Rockets -- top of the list right now
Scratch BC or FS -- probably second on the list
K2 AK Enemy -- they look pretty cool, but i don't know much about em

i'd love to try and demo any of these, but my fear is that by the time i get a chance to demo them, the stores will be out of any i might want. i'm 6'2 215 and so i don't wanna be stuck shopping stores that have nothing left but 170 some odd cm skis.

any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated
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I've been trying to decide between the r:ex and PR myself. I never had the chance to demo the r:ex, but did try the PR's which I thought were extremely versatile for a such a fat ski. The only thing is I'm on the opposite end of the weight spectrum compared with you (140 lbs). My guess is at your 215 lbs, you're going to over power the PR's, as they are quite soft. I'm worried that the r:ex might be too stiff for my weight. But I bet they would be great for you.
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Atomic offers a fat twin tip ski too. The Stomp. Check it out too.
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I am often amazed at the number of skiers who ride park skis, but never throw spin manuevers (360's, 540's, etc.), never ride or land fakie, and do not ride the pipe. A true twin is designed for a lowered swing weight (for spinning and throwing grabs), ad the turned up tail is used for fakie riding and landing. If these are not your intentions, get a midfat or fatter board to ride all over the mountain. It will still be fine for straight air in the park, and more fun in other terrain.


The fact that you like the 10.EX, combined with your weight tells me that the PR in not the way to go. As an owner of a 10.ex 191 and having ridden the 185 PR, they are very different. Don't get me wrong, the PR is either loved or hated. For those with a light touch it is great. For those who like to power a ski it is known as the "Blue Noodle." You know what kind of skier you are, so only you can decide what group you fall into.

If you want a twin that rides like a R.EX, look to the V-Pro by Volkl. It is a much beefier and stiffer twin than most, but is wide like the R.EX. As mentioned by Beta Racer, the Atomic Stomp would work, too, that is if the 186 is big enough for you. If you are going to shell out top dollar, you could consider weighting on the K2 Seth Pistol, which will come in 169, 179, and 189 lengths, with a twin design and vertical sidewalls. Dimensions are similar to the AK Enemy, but a bit wider with a little less sidecut (I think). The only down side is that they are going to be a mid-season release and are not available now. However, if you see the way that Seth Morrison skis, they should be one hell of a stick to have to match his intensity and style.

As you already mentioned, the Scratch BC will be another option, as well as the AK Enemy. In fact, if you are looking for one pair, and it has to be a fat twin, the V-Pro and AK Enemy are probably the best balance of freeride and freestyle.

My solution has been to ride my 10.EX as a full time freeride/part time freestyle stick, with the addition of a new 1080 as my full time freestyle/part time freeride board.

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ah, well, i asked for some help and i got a novel. anyway, thanks for your guys' thoughts and info. i'm kinda bummed too hear so "badly" about the PRs. i was really leaning towards getting them. i have heard they are fairly soft, and i guess i'll just have to demo a pair at the slopes and test them out myself. as for the pistols, those things are just plain UGLY. plus i heard they aren't being released until mid season and i just can't wait that long!!!
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I agree. I'm at Hood six day a week and you are right on about skinnies in the mung. I think for your size the twined fats may be a little soft for max performance in PNW mank (I'm 6'2" 225).

I like a narrower/stiffer ski in the park and pipe than most of the twined fats, but I guess that's the price you pay for fat twintip versatility.

Another option might be buying a pair of dedicated twin pipe/park skis at a swap (you should be able to find em very cheap) for the days you want to toy around. Then buy a high performance fat for the unpacked.

Think about adding Stockli fats to your demo list.
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i have yet to see Stocklis anywhere around here. the big ski/snowboard expo is coming up soon here in seattle. i have been considering picking up a pair used twins. possibly some 1080s or a pair of darksides by line. the only problem is most of these kinds of skis are very very short. i think the 1080s go no bigger than 181 and the lines are 182s. i know thats what you want for throwing tricks and such, but thats a short piece of wood for me.
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just thought i'd throw this out real quick...but what about heads line of skis, monster cross...etc
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