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HEAD 02s

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Traditionally a ski's wide point has been at the contact point, where the tip curve meets/leaves the snow.

The XP line has a wide point further out, beyond the contact point. When the ski is rolled onto an edge it results in an earlier, more aggressive bite. The design continues to increase bite the further the ski is rolled onto and edge.

When I first skied the XP-80 and 100 last spring I felt something different and much more positive in the way they performed compared to any other ski I have been on. It must work. The 60s do exceptionally well on tele gear.

The XPs are HEAD's All Mountain-Carving skis.
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Volkl has done that for a while. The Orange P30RC with the orange plastic pumpkin tip was one that was a really fun ski. It was super versatil, much more so than the P40 F1s that follow. 3D technology is what they call it.
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I guess it is part of Dynastar's *autodrive* too. There are a helluva lotta skis out there to keep track of.
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