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Is anything going to be open in mid-November?

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I have to go from Pittsburgh to a conference in San Diego in the second week of November and come back on the 12th. Since there are no direct flights and many indirect ones pass through Denver, I was wondering if there's a point in stopping for a couple of days and skiing, or if it is Waaay to early (which would be my guess).

I'm an intermediate skier, if it matters.
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Breckenridge already has a planned opening of November 7th but I'm not sure about others.
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Loveland might be an option.
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Loveland and A-Basin were open mid-October this season. I skied over Halloween weekend and most of my friends in Tha D had been getting in turns for a few weeks prior to that.
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When you say open, do you mean that they have a few trails open, or that most areas are already available ?

I've been to the Denver airport several times after storms, but earilier (late October). Are the mountains accessible with some decent public transportation or does one have to rent a car and drive ?
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Snowbird/Alta in SLC is always the best option to take a chance like that, plus they are only 40 minutes from the airport. Plus it is cheap to stay there.
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Epicski Search keywords:

Arapahoe Basin
White Ribbon of Death

those searches will yield a variety of threads from October 2007 talking about the conditions and showing pix.

also, keep in mind that October and November will depend on what's going on with the weather. one can never accurately predict if there will be early storms or not. but on a general note, A-Basin and Loveland always "battle" to see who opens first and they shoot for as early as possible. Last year it just happened to be early October.


checking both Loveland and A-Basin's respective websites yields a wealth of info (for example, Loveland is saying that they will begin snowmaking in 26 days):

Loveland: http://www.skiloveland.com/

A-Basin: http://www.arapahoebasin.com/ABasin/

the interwebs are your friend!

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I guess I should have rephrased my question better:

From the experience of people here, if I want to get my first "West Coast" skiing experience (I'm typically on the little hills of the mid-atlantic and was once in Stowe), should I try to go into the hassle now, or hope that I can somehow go in the actual season?

Being a regular of seven springs, PA, I have learned not to trust anything you see on an official website
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Early October this season was the bona fide WROD (White Ribbon of Death)...the front side, basically two runs, of man-made.

It was like that at both Loveland and A-Basin when I went over Halloween weekend.

So, if you are looking to get the "full" experience, keep in mind that early season, if there hasn't been a few serious dumps, then it's just locals shussing down man-made, which is a blast for a few hours.

If you are in the area, it's worth it.

If you are strapped for cash and would rather save the $$ to potentially get the "full" experience, then I would save the $$ and come back for a week during a good flurry so you can enjoy the entire mountain of your choice.

As I mentioned, doing a search of the subject/topics I listed earlier will yield trip reports and pix of what the conditions were like at the beginning of this season at A-Basin and Loveland. You can also probably get other pix on Google.

Again, it really depends on the weather. If Summit gets a serious dump in late Oct, followed by more in early Nov then it could be sweet. The WROD was sweet, too, but a lot of that was just getting out on the slope and working out the early season kinks and riding with a few buddies, which is fun, but in a different way than being able to ski the whole mountain.

I would say just start watching the weather (which you can also scope out online).

I think what it really boils down to is this:

1. How badly are you going to want to ski come November (assuming that you won't have skied prior to that)?
2. How much are you willing to pay for that?

I flew up to Portland at the end of July to ride at Mt. Hood. Conditions were sparse, but I had a blast, mostly because I didn't plan any of the trip other than my flight in and out, so I was randomly finding places to stay and skiing a new mountain solo. I spent some coin, but it got me out of the City for a long weekend. I really didn't think too much about how much I spent (until the card bill arrived and by then it was too late to regret it).

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Just to elaborate on Dookey's post

In CO, you have no better than a 1 in 10 chance that there will be anything other than WROD on a couple of trails open in mid November. Before snowmaking, you couldn't count on resorts opening until Thanksgiving, and then it was a only a portion of the mountain. We generally do not get good base conditions to allow a significant portion of the mountain to open until late November/early December. So, if you can play it by ear, you might do so. You could always plan to come out, and if the skiing is lousy, do something else (climbing, biking, fishing, etc)

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Just some anecdotal, personal experience. I have been in Summit County at that exact time of year twice (skied Loveland and Copper) and each time it was WROD. Longer runs than Mid-Atlantic, but, nothing like the western ski experience of your dreams. That said, as others have said, an early dump or 3 changes everything.
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