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aspen in mid-december

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I guess this is a dumb question, but will ask anyway. the last two years i was at Snowbird/Alta 2nd week of December and although snowfall had been poor on average, the conditions were more than acceptable both trips. I am planning a quick trip to Aspen and I would love to go that Dec 13th weekend. I would have no hesitation booking SLC, but am wondering how much bigger of a "chance" i'm taking with Aspen that weekend. It is so so nice to get a ski trip in at the beginning of the year and makes the winter go much smoother while i wait for my late feb slc trip.

another question: i have free tickets arriving at 12:07a, if I arrive ontime can I assume I should have no problem getting to a mountain right around 1p?
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I have no idea about the snow question, but did you mean 12:07 PM? 12:07 AM is 7 minutes after midnight. That should make getting to the hill by 1 PM pretty doable...

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It's generally pretty good then, but you just never know. That's a good weekend, because Highlands/Buttermilk open and they always open up a bunch of extra terrain on Aspen Mt. and Snowmass too!

I've hit the Highlands opener weekend for probably the last twenty years. 3 years it was the best skiing of the year, 10 years were good, 5 years were just ok and 2 years I canceled at the last minute and went somewhere else.

Depending on where you stay, a 12:07 arrival should put you on the hill by 1ish.
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shredhead i know you know your stuff, I'm sorry i missed you in the lift line at Alta last year.(you live the life..) Another stupid question, but i'm sure you have all the answers, would you say the snow is better at Aspen than at the Park City resorts? Would you say there would be enough challening terrain open that second week of December at Highlands, Snowmass and Aspen? Those hills are the last on my list, so I'm anxious to go. but I don't want to have to wait until later in Jan to go skiing. I would trust SLC for sure then. Are you going to be out there for your 21st year?
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Park City may get more snow at it's highest elevations. But overall we are higher, have better exposure and much better expert terrain.
Will it be open in December, who knows? Aspen Mountain can open up quite a bit of expert terrain with only a 24" base. Highlands and Snowmass take quite a bit more, but Highlands typically opens some of the bowl on opening day.

Ideally I would suggest later in the season, but if that's when you can come, sure give it a shot! Town's a hoot, all the time!

Yes, I will most likely be coming in on the night of the 11th or 12th for my 21st early season trip. I actually lived in Aspen the prior years, but my memory of them is kind of fuzzy.
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>Yes, I will most likely be coming in on the night of the 11th or 12th for my 21st early season trip.

then it must be good! see you then.

> but my memory of them is kind of fuzzy

that's a sign of strong character
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