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Headcam over a road gap

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From this weeks "TGR Clip of the Week" - Micah Black Headcam over a road gap.

Fast Connection:

Slow Connection:

Owens Never Sleeps
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Very Nice!

This is almost as good as his headcam from Further!
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That is cool. TGR is doing some great things with Head-cams. It really makes the movies a lot better.

Nice bit of editing too. It looks like one continuous shot.

I've not seen MTA yet. So if it is in there, sorry. But what I'd like to see with the head-cam is a high speed (Gordy, Micah, or Jeremy) non-stop, no cut away, shot from top to bottom including a huck or two down one of those nasty AK faces. I'd probably play that so many times it would wear out the tape.
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