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yaIknow ... tramdock sucks! (for my gear addiction)
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
nice prices: scottt p4 (191) $236 @9:30am Eastern.
Great price but I picked mine up from sac about 2 months ago for 212 which is odd because it is the same site.
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Those BASTARDS. Everytime I look there it's something I want. So far I'm holding out...
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Originally Posted by simonbda View Post
Just got the Dynastar Trouble Makers for $200 shipped. If I had only known I would have bought the PX12 jib bindings yesterday for $90.
That would have been a sick set up for only 300 bucks
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Originally Posted by SkiNebraski View Post
That would have been a sick set up for only 300 bucks
I'm not too worried, they have 65 of the bindings left in BC outlet so I'm sure they'll be back on Tramdock.

I e-mailed their support to see if I could get them at yesterday's price but they went all "one deal at a time" on me . Well, I just gotta keep refreshing the page every 5 minutes then
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Now I've blown $350 and climbing just this week. Damn this site. Woman won't be pleased that I now have 4 sets of boards.
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Tramdock has its own Firefox plugin now:

No more refreshing to spend money! ::sigh:: though now with tramdock, chainlove, SAC, and whisky militia all on there at the same time there might not be money left for much longer!
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Yup - they know how to do it out there, that's part of the plan.

We went to their warehouse last trip to SLC. It's HUGE ... then again not much to see/buy there at the little store - you still have to use the computers to order online!
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I keep seeing sweet deals on Oakley A-Frames and Crowbars, but they have distribution restrictions on shipping Oakley up north
Real shame, since I've got a pair of Wisdoms with the standard Persimmon lens that's pretty beat up, and these are going new for way under what even a replacement lens would cost me.
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If the current crisis messes with Tramdock I'm gonna be really pissed!

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tramdock rules my world!!
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Just got my Nordica Supercharger Eliminators for $220. Now, why can I get Tramdock and Chainlove, but not SAC on my IMac? Maybe that's not a bad thing.
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The problem with having a US address: Tramdock. Between them and SAC, I've spent about $500 in the past month or two. My flatmate in PC tells me she's tripping over parcels and if one of them isn't for her I'm in trouble.


Haven't bought any skis yet but we all know it's just a matter of time.
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